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Monday, March 31, 2008

Food for Thought

There is much improvement with regards to my shoulder, although physical therapy continues. The Doctor released me from the immobilizer, so that is good news. I still sleep with a little 'fort' around me, to protect the shoulder, but I know that soon that won't be necessary. To add to my distress, allergy season is upon us. It has been for a while. All manner of tree are releasing their pollens, with the promise of fruit and harvest for the future. Oh, my! If only I didn't feel so much discomfort with the sneezing and coughing.

Well, enough about health issues. I had said I would show the kitchen towels I worked on recently. They are very simple, nothing elaborate. I wanted to learn how to do the actual pulling of threads and doing the bundles. My actual results are nothing compared to the lovely example I provided in the previous post. I do plan on enhancing them with some machine embroidery, using some kitchen motifs. For now, the simple towels are posted for viewing.

I finally also used up the spool of crochet thread to complete my crochet trim project. I was able to come up with about seven and a half yards. That should be enough to embellish some white towels or curtains. I think that will be enough crochet for a little while, I am anxious to start some knitting. Perhaps I will do another acorn hat for my grandson. The one I gave him before Thanksgiving fit him so nicely. For the hat I used CariLuna's pattern. I also really, really want to do another FakeIsleHat. Of course, I also am very behind on my sewing. I must use up some of my stash before the Hubby thinks I am merely a hoarder. I'd really like to use some vintage patterns, as in from the 1940's. I would love to dress in 1940's housecoats or other similar feminine dresses.

In closing for today, I also share a picture of our pet chihuahua "Cocoa" and the little feral cats which have taken up residence in our back yard. I have to decide whether to keep them (the cats), since I plan on raising chickens for our egg supply. I don't think cats can resist the sight of young chicks. These cats tend to stalk our beautiful songbirds, so that also has me thinking I must make a choice. I love the sight of the cardinal which is still making the rounds of the birdfeeder, as well as the mockingbird who always cheers me up with his song. But there is something so peaceful about watching a cat lounge around lazily, able to relax in a way I can only dream about. What should I do? More food for thought.


Felicia said...

Cocoa and the kitties are cute as can be. And your towels are so pretty :)

Tracy said...

So glad you are doing better YaYa--wonderful to hear! And to see you've been crocheting...the trim is lovely and will a pretty accent to so much. I've been learning to crochet myself the last month or so--I hope to make something real soon. Cocoa and the kitties are sweet! Thanks so much for your warm welcome home! :o) It's great to come here and catch up with you after being away a couple of weeks. Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))


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