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Thursday, March 20, 2008


What a beautiful day to symbolize Spring! Sun shining, clear blue skies, and my baby Grandson home for a visit! Well, today is his parent's anniversary, so that makes it even more special. What's also great is I won't have to wait too long to see him again. I have my six week (since the surgery) doctor appointment Tuesday in the city they live in, so I'll be able to visit them then. My little one is such a joy in our lives!

I think this much improved weather has definitely lifted my spirits. I see visions of sewing, knitting, and so much gardening, I am beside myself with hope! My beautiful roses are happily blooming away, and some of the larkspur are on the verge of blooms.

I've been working on learning drawn thread stitchery. I remember my dear Grandmother working on some old cotton remnant and making the humble fabric look glorious. At the time, I had no interest in any stitchery, being very young, but it must have stayed with me. I just had to try it, so I purchased "The Embroidery Stich Bible" by Betty Barnden which has a small segment on drawn thread stitches. I've been practicing on some kitchen towels, and I'm well pleased with the results. The effect is similar to hemstitching, only a bit more ornate. I can imagine some beautiful gifts embellished with drawn threadwork would be very appreciated. I will try and post a picture of my towels, but this is an example . Next on my 'learning' agenda would be tatting, either needle or shuttle.


Anonymous said...
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She'sSewPretty said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Drawn embroidery is beautiful. I don't think I have the eyes or the patience though. I'll have to come back and visit and see how your's turns out.
Have a wonderful Easter.

The Rose Cottage said...

Thank you for your kind words, and a Happy Easter to you and your family :)
I checked out the Drawn embroidery and wow, that is some kind of detailed work, and just beautiful.

Deborah said...

That embroidery is so elegant! I wish I possessed the talent to do needlework like that. I remember my grandmother too - making beautiful clothes from what she had. I'm sure you will learn to do all that you want. I would love to see your work.


cd&m said...

Sounds like you are going to be very very busy! Looking forward to seeing some of the lovely work in progress.


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