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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This past weekend had us enjoying a bit of a cool front. With May just around the corner, that is almost unheard of in this neck of the woods. This is south Texas, and the heat starts packing a punch sometimes in early March, even as early as February. Summer heat is brutal in this area, so if it can be delayed in any measure, all the better. Interestingly, a mere few hours before the cool front arrived, and while it was still balmy and warm, the white female koi in the picture spawned. There was so much splishing and splashing going on, literally hundreds of eggs were released, some sticking to the walls of the pond, so many unseen at the bottom of the pond. We did remove some of them to a holding tank so as to keep them from being eaten. These were the eggs which were attached to mop heads we had placed in the pond in preparation for a spawn. Koi usually begin to eat the eggs soon after spawning, and only a few actually hatch if left in the pond. Those which do hatch must then have adequate hiding places, usually in the way of plants or plant roots, or even the algae which can also provide nourishment with microscopic organisms. In the past, spawning usually ocurred in mid May, when the weather was very warm. The cool front which blew in might have a negative effect on the hatching success of the spawn. All we can do is wait and see. We also have a comet goldfish pond, so we will be keeping an eye on any spawning happening there as well. Those usually produce an abundance of babies, which we have had pleasure in sharing with friends.


Tracy said...

Beautiful fish, YaYa! I dream of a garden pond one day...Happy Days ((HUGS))

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello to you!!

Hmmmm I don't know what happen to my first comment, I hope it does not post twice, blogger can sometimes be a real headache LOL! :o)

Your pond is beautiful, how fortunate you are to be able to enjoy something so lovely as a pond full of wonderful fish! By the way I read your past post on your craft/studio room, wow you have a lovely place and lots of tools! You and your family have a beautiful week!



Keri said...

Wow, that's neat to be a witness to that!

My mom was born in Texas, so she keeps the Lone Star state close to her heart though she's been a New Englander for many years!

Enjoy the cool weather while it lasts (while I pray for warmer weather up here!)

Natalie said...

Oh this so exciting. How big is your pond? I hope you'll keep us posted on the *birthday.*

YayaOrchid said...

Thank you for your nice comments!

Tracy I'm pretty sure you can keep koi in Norway. Well, I know ponders in the northern USA keep them. Perhaps Norwegian winters MIGHT be a tad colder than that! :)

Beverly, so glad to see you post! I've been eagerly checking in on your blog for any new entries. I missed you!

Keri, it won't be long before you're enjoying warmer days. So much to look forward to!

Natalie, yes it has been exciting for us! Our koi pond is 8'x8'. We used lanscape timbers stacked up to just under 2.5 ft depth, and lined with a black liner. The liner, btw, makes it hard to see any babies which might have hatched, since they are usually very dark. It takes a while for them to start showing their colors. They usually hatch within 3-4 days. We're still hoping for fry though. Our other pond is about 4'x8' that is below ground.

She'sSewPretty said...

It sounds like you have weather similar to my area. We're having a cool front too but we know we'll be warming up soon. Good luck with your fish. You'll have to show off the results!

GLORIA said...


The Rose Cottage said...

Love ponds, we had one at our last home, but this one my husband just didn't want all the work, we had Coy too, but it was more his hobby than mine, I have enough hobbies LOL.
It seems like everyone has been having cold weather lately, when will it warm up?

Cherish the Home said...

I wanted to stop by and say 'hello' and thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. (o:

Many Blessings,


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