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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Prayers

I very much enjoy reading Diane's blog, and decided to share her link to a list of active military soldiers. Being safe at home, and enjoying all the comforts, we sometimes forget about our Sons and Daughters overseas, who have very little in the way of comfort, and must live each moment on high alert and in danger.

It helps to put faces to the word 'soldiers'. We can see that they could be our own little ones we care for here at home. Most are very young, and those that aren't, they themselves have the burden of worrying about their own little ones back home, in addition to all they must deal with in Iraq or Afghanistan, for example. Every name we lift up in prayer, we know the Lord hears. That is why I found the web site so inspirational, we can pray for ALL these soldiers.
I focused on this young woman, Penny Zamora, because she has a desire to be of use to the Lord in sharing her faith, even while on duty. She wishes to share the Good news, the Gospel where she is serving. What a brave soul! It makes me think of me, how sometimes it's so difficult to muster up the courage to share the Gospel, because we know that in doing so, many times we are hated of men. Well, we can't say we weren't warned, were we? And here this beautiful young lady, sets an example to any seasoned Believer.

I add my prayers to these fine men and women's families. Lord, bring them home safe and sound! I also pray for the Families of those who have lost loved ones in this and all previous wars. No greater love than to lay down your life for others.


GLORIA said...


Lisa said...

I found your blog via Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. I love Carolyn's sewing news. She has inspired me to sew more also.

TNT means a Tried 'N True pattern. It is one that you have altered to fit after making it several times. It is your "go to" pattern for a really quick top, pants, or whatever.

I am feeling a lack of direction in my life so I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about Christ. I am a christian! I just feel lost with my church.

Thanks for your inspiration and good luck with your sewing!


YayaOrchid said...

gloria: gracias por unir tu comentario a esta entrada. Agradezco mucho tus visitas!

lisa: Thank you for your visit! Also for answering my question. Hopefully soon, I can begin to sew in earnest, and share pictures and projects. As to your feelings lately in re to your Christian walk, pls take comfort in knowing that most everyone goes through that. The one thing I try to always remember, and a point my dear Sister always reminded me of, was this: keep your eyes on the Master, never look away. If you do, you will find that everyone fails at some point or another, it is in our nature. Look to Christ for EVERYTHING! Only he is perfect. I tried finding your site, but it's a by invite only, and I couldn't locate an email.

I really do appreciate your comments!


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