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Sunday, August 31, 2008

H2O Ramblings

For quite some time now, I've been giving some thought to water conservation and the use of such a precious resource as relates to our home, for our personal use, for our corner of the world.

For about three days now, we've been fortunate to have rainfall. Intermittent though it maybe, it is still rain, and something we feel very thankful for. So it's especially during these rare times of rain that I am reminded how wonderful it would be if we would collect all the excess water which runs through our property from the roof and all along our fence next to the adjoining property. There was even an article in today's paper about an organization HarvestH2O based out of Santa Fe, NM which has so much useful information on rainwater harvesting. Reading the article I became aware that this is fast becoming a powerful movement. Much like a lot of organizations which encourage people to consume less and become more self-sustaining, this is another tool anyone can use to learn how to help our environment. I think I am going to contact our local 'green guy', who happens to be a professor at the local University on environmental science. I'll ask him if there are any groups here locally which are already organized for this agenda. It would be great to push our municipal government to come up with ways to help people interested in acquiring the containers for collecting rainwater. I'll have to wait until after Labor Day to contact him. Just stuff I think about at night when I can't fall asleep......


glorv1 said...

It sounds like a very good idea. Do it. You know something, my step-mom always put a cup outside when it rained. She drank the water saying it was from heaven. I think this year when it begins to rain, I will put a cup outside someplace where the rain can fall, yet the cup and its contents safe from other things outside, if you know what I mean.
Nice post and like I said it is a good idea. Conserving is the way to go.

Amy said...

Hi YaYa: Roger Cook from This Old House once did a segment on this very topic. The homeowners used a plastic barrel the was situated on a corner of the house that collected the rainwater which they then used to water their property. I bet if you searched the This Old House website you may be able to find more information. We want to do the same thing here, but just haven't gotten started on it yet. Good luck with your research.

Tracy said...

Super idea...and thanks for the link, YaYa! Water is so precious...even doing small things like not leaving the water run while we brush our teeth can save gallons each day. There's lots we can do to conserve, reuse and be kind to water. Thanks for spreading the good word! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

YayaOrchid said...

Gloria, thanks for your comment. There's lots of things I wish we could do to save money as well. I guess it's all about little steps.

Amy, thanks for stopping by. I will have to do more research on this. I'll check out the This Old House archives to find the program. Thank you!

Tracy, so good to hear from you! Have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves stateside!

Wool Winder said...

Lots of people like to collect rainwater for gardening. I wanted to do this years ago, but we never did.

Tea Time and Roses said...

I absolutely love that idea! I still remember as a little girl how we would capture rainwater! If each of us would just conserve a little, it adds up to a whole bunch! Wonderful Post! Thanks!




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