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Friday, August 29, 2008

I Heart Your Blog Award

I received a wonderful award from Amy over at HomeAcre . This is the first time I am passed on an award, so I feel really grateful and blessed. This is new to me, so I'll just use the same format Amy used, I don't want to make any errors in passing it on: The rules state I must pass it on to seven other favorite blogs. It is hard to choose when there are so many wonderful blogs out there. But here is my list:

Gloria from Life in General
Gloria from En Busqueda
Keri from Quaint and Quirky
Deborah from Pictures, Pots, and Pens
Oiyi's from Oiyi's Crafts
Lisa from Eggs in Tomatoes
Diane from Tomato Soup Cake

Please accept this award from me and ...1. Put the logo on your blog.2. Link the person from whom you received your award.3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.4. Put the links of those blogs on to your blog.5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them!

I hope I've covered all the bases; don't want anyone to miss out on their award. I would pass it on to EVERYONE on my bloglist, but some of them have already received it from others as well. Enjoy!


glorv1 said...

YaYa, thank you so much. I seen that on Amys blog and I thought it was so cool Thank you again, but I don't really know how to put it on my blog, let alone link it. Can you let me know. Thank you again. Yay, I'm a winner!!.

Persuaded said...

oh, honey, you are just the sweetest thing! you made my day((hugs))

Keri said...

Thanks Yaya Orchid! I saw this on your blog just now and felt so honored! I will pass it on later today!

glorv1 said...

Yaya, its me gloria. If its okay I will accept the award, but I really don't have that many blogs I visit, so I will cancel out on that. Thank you.

Deborah said...

I am so happy that I'm finally back online and look what I received from you! Thank you so very much for the award. I will add it to my blog later tonight.

Thank you so much and keep visiting!


YayaOrchid said...

Diane, well I'm just so happy for you, too!

Gloria: I'm so glad you got the award, and I'm sure there's no problem with not passing it on. Not to worry. :)

Deborah: I'm delighted to hear back from you! So glad you got your award! :)

GLORIA said...


glorv1 said...

Yaya I just wanted to wish you a great and safe holiday. Again thank you for the "I love your blog" award. I posted it on my site, but I couldn't figure out how to do the rest, sorry.


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