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Monday, August 18, 2008

Living Room Journal

This is a corner of our living room. This picture was taken less than a year ago. Since then, few things have changed. However, things do change over time, and I may wish to remember how things once looked. The wall color will be different or the shrubbery showing through the window may or may not be the same, or even the furniture might be replaced. I decided to record this picture as a sort of 'room journal'. Someday I may wish to look back and remember how it used to look. Hmm....musings of a sleep deprived woman...finally, 50 posts!
It's very late. Another night of insomnia. Must get some sleep.


Tracy said...

Good idea, YaYa, of taking photos...great for when redecorating later! I like the soft, jade green of the walls. Sorry you've got insomnia! Hope you get some rest...I'm sure another one of those yummy chocolate brownies will help ;o) Hooray on 50 posts!! ((HUGS))

Tea Time and Roses said...

I just love the color of those pretty! It is fun to look back and see changes you have made over time! A big Congratulations on your 50th post, that is fantastic! Blogging has been a much richer experience since you started to blog! I am so glad our paths crossed my friend! You and your family have a most lovely week!



glorv1 said...

I have the same type of flooring and my dining room walls are the same or maybe just a wee bit darker. 50 posts already. Wow, that is great. I haven't counted mine, I deleted a lot of them and then got rid of one blog and did away with the painting blow of which I never really started. Congrats.


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