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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Good Ole Days

I was just over at my friend Gloria's blog "Life in General". I enjoy reading her blog on a daily basis. She was talking about how people don't trust each other any more. She brought out some good points, all with her wonderful sense of humor. It got me to thinking, because I have to agree, I've been there myself. Having lived here for twenty two years, we know almost all our neighbors, except about three of whom have just recently moved into the neighborhood. But what amazes me, is that for the most part, I can count on my hands the times we've actually spoken to them over the years. Sometimes the Hubbie and I talk about that, and he thinks it's because with the noise from the central air unit, and being 'sealed up' inside the house, you don't hear the neighbors' comings and goings. So if we happen to be arriving or leaving the house at the same time they are, that's when we actually see them or have the opportunity to talk and do some catching up. The fences certainly serve to make us unaware of each other as well. Sometimes I'll be gardening in the back yard, and the only way I know the neighbors are having a shingding is because of the delicious aromas wafting through the air. The smell of fajitas cooking over mesquite wood is a common aroma in this neck of the woods, especially on weekends. Tantalizing!

I remember while growing up and during visits to my dear Abuelita, things were so different! We'd sit out on her front porch, and everyone who passed by would stop and visit for a bit. And if we were walking by their homes, if there were any women outside, we'd stop and chat for a bit as well. We'd be watering the plants and trees along her fence and of course there was always someone who would stop and shoot the breeze. It never failed! Everyone it seemed knew everyone else. Of course, she didn't have central air, and during hot weather, sitting out on her porch enjoying the evening breeze was one way to cool off. And you know what else is different about then? If you happened to be eating or drinking something, you'd offer to share with your neighbors! Not something which can be easily done with passersby these days. Think 'lawsuit' society. Why, what if they happen to get an ailment, they might think to sue you for your offerings! What a different world we live in. So now, we can only entertain those people we closely know and who know us.

Perhaps that's why we visit blogs. Perchance it's a little like the old days, when you could just 'pop-in' for a visit without having to call first? Blogging perhaps is a way to stop and 'chat' for a bit before going on our merry way? Especially nice are those visits who 'chat' by way of a little comment or two! Doncha think?

Sometimes, don't you just wish things could be like in the old days?


glorv1 said...

You mentioned me.:) How sweet and thank you very much. At least you know almost all your neighbors, and I can count on a few of my toes as well as fingers. I think it is because we don't want to be turned away as well as uncertainty of people in general. Your youngers days sound so nice with your abuelita. Funny, but right now I have my grammys apron on. I was just going to start making masa and I grabbed it from the hook. As far as "chat" by "little comment<" hey look at my map of peoples who visit my blog and yet....I don't get a comment. Maybe they don't like me. hahaahaha
Viva La Vida and may the best man or woman win.

glorv1 said...

Yaya, how do you show comments the blog? Do you know? If so, can you please let me know. Just call me. hahaha.

glorv1 said...

thats okay yaya. I will try to figure it out. I was updating the new readers list on my dashboard. I don't need favorite blogs on my page. Instead I have them on my dashboard now.

Anonymous said...

One of the things we would like to have, when eventually buy a house here, is a wrap-around verandah where we can sit on hot summer evenings and wave g'day to the neighbours.


Wool Winder said...

People are still friendly in my small town, though we meet and visit at activities (school events, Little League, etc.) instead of the front porch. Now that my kids have grown and gone, I have less contact with these "neighbors."


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