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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Blogging Group

I just joined this group of blogs which feature people who love to craft. It was started by Keri from Quaint and Quirky website. She wanted to create a community of bloggers who could help and inspire each other (and anyone) with ideas and to also help increase traffic to those sites. By showcasing their talents and projects, it can only spell positive things for all involved in this venture. Anyone can participate, and for an idea of how to join, please do visit the SewCraftBlog.

You will find a fine group of people from diverse backgrounds all wanting to share their anecdotes, projects, pictures, tutorials, and all around helpful hints. In addition to having access to the blogs, many of these people also have online shops where you can find a variety of things for the home and for gift giving. It promises to be a fun experience for all! Furthermore, and perhaps of greater importance, is that it is also nice to support the 'handmade' and 'made at home' artisan movement.


glorv1 said...

Oh good for you yaya. I've been to Quaint and Quirky. Very nice blog. Good luck with your participation and ideas.I wish I had the time, maybe next year, I'll be able to get more involved in blogging and doing creative things. Have fun. Take care.

carrie said...

Hey, it's Carrie from dixie mango. Looking forward to seeing all of your fabulous creations!

Keri said...

Wow yaya, you explained that much more eloquently than I did! Maybe you can be Sew Craft Blog's public relations person!!

Thank you so much for joining and participating. I really appreciate it!

annamae said...

Hey looking forward to being a sew, craft blog group member with you! :)

Tilly said...

Hi! I'm in your SCB group, so wanted to stop by and say hi! Your post was beautifully written!

heather said...

Hi Yaya!

I'm Heather at Blue Bird Studio. Fun to see what you're up to and thanks for visiting and introducing yourself. I'm looking forward to all our sharing


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