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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Nada Post

I think I'll adopt my friend Gloria's term for those days when not much is happening, but you want to post a few little 'nothings'. Nada much is going on in this neck of the woods. I did make a little shopping trip to a scrapbook store which is going out of business. I missed yesterday's promotion for 80% off everything, but today was 75% off. I made off like a bandit, I tell you. I am not even into scrapbooks, mind you. So I didn't spend much, thankfully, and the savings really helped keep us within our budget. I only purchased a few ink pads and such, but I might make another trip tomorrow for a circle cutter, if it's still there.

And on and on I go about the savings and about this being a 'nothing' post. Obviously this is a big deal to the owner of said business. So yes, I do feel for her. She mentioned that apparently it's a common thing happening to other small scrapbook businesses. Owning a small business is hard even in good times, but when you factor in a bad economy, it's more likely to be one of the first casualties. It has become a common occurence. It's just hard to see it happening so close to home. Hopefully, things will begin to get better for everyone. We can only hope.

After reading an ad in the paper, I also ventured out to purchase some Home Interior candles at a woman's home. Apparently, they had been produced right here in our little town, but the factory closed down. So they allowed employees to purchase the candles at bargain prices, which they in turn can then sell. I vaguely remember there was a candle factory in town some time back, I just didn't know they produced for Home Interior. I wonder if they also produced for Yankee Candle. I love having the wonderful scent in my home! And of course, they also make nice gifts. But then again, it makes you think. This is another business shutting down, more people losing their jobs. So close to home. When will it ever stop?


Renee said...

Can you see what I see? Can you hear what I hear?

Love it.


Love Renee

glorv1 said...

It will go on and on till it ends.
Thanks for sharing. Glad you got some sales.


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