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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Did You Say Aprons?

There's nothing like a good book or magazine to get you inspired to set to work. I've been putting off a lot of projects, but when I took a look at this book, it very much put me in a sewing mood.

This is just a new magazine that came into print recently and it's all about aprons. I bought it during a trip to San Antonio, because our local Barnes & Noble didn't have it. I found out about it on one of the apron blogs. Boy! The things you find out visiting blogs! It has some nice apron pictures, but I would just recommend spending your money on the book. The magazine is not cheap ($14.99), and for the price of the book ($17.95) you will get more inspiration and even patterns, although they must be enlarged. I feel good about the book purchase, since I was able to get 50% off on it at Hobby Lobby.

So, book great!....magazine just OK.

And to further show that I do have plans to make some more aprons, I bought this fabric for $2 a yard at Hobby Lobby. I like the bright cheerful colors.

This is an apron I made using a pattern from Retro Aprons, a small booklet by Cindy Taylor Oates. Fabrics are from Hobby Lobby. This is a closeup view of the lower section:

I love the sassy little flounce. And the rickrack? Oh, my goodness, it uses so much rickrack! Lucky for me it was also on sale at Hobby Lobby.
This is the back view. Mona is very modest. She refused to remove her muslin coverall.

This is an apron made using a pattern from Mary Jane's Farm magazine. It's called the "Fancy Work Apron". Fabric is from old stash I bought at WalMart.
And there you have it. I'll be busy for a few days, and I hope to post about more aprons soon.


glorv1 said...

Those are just beautiful and the work you put into them. I wish I could sew. I'm jealous. I have a new sewing machine and I don't even look at it. I bought material and it is put away because there is not enough time. I feel like I'm running out of time to do all the things I want to so. You did such good work on those aprons, you should open your own etsy shop. Sew a bunch of aprons and sell them on etsy. I'll buy one. Some day soon I will make an apron too. Glad to see you busy in the things you love to do. I got another egg today from one chicken. I think the other chicken is a lazy chicken and just doesn't want to lay one. I could have laid ten by the time that chicken laid one.lololololololol take care. I'm laffing my butt off.

YayaOrchid said...

Gloria,!!! You have me laughing so hard!!

Thank you for your sweet comments!

Amy said... the aprons! Your choice of colors is lovely. Are they all for you? I just picked up a sweet piece last night at Walmart to make myself an has fruit and birds on it. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects, and also making some of my own. A girl can dream, right?


carrie said...

cute aprons. i love the fabric on the first one!

YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Amy! Yes, these are for me (I think). It's great to hear from you. Hope you do make some aprons yourself and show them to us!

Carrie, it's my favorite also! :)

Tracy said...

Those are such pretty aprons, YaYa! I especially love the pink one! ;o) The pink one is very flirty with that ruffle and rickrack. Gloria's got the right idea, you should make some aprons and sell them! I've not made an apron in ever so long...Perhaps that would boost my winter blues? ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Wool Winder said...

Nice job on your aprons! I like the new fabric you bought, too.

Beth said...

Those aprons are beautiful! I wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me! Fabulous job - Beth

Renee said...

I love the aprons. Is the red stuff called ric-rack.

I love it.

They look fantastic. I was surprised at how expensive the magazine were. Holy crow.

Love Renee

glorv1 said...

I really love that material. Quite colorful. Open up your etsy. It's really easy to do. A lot of people though complain about their rates. Why not sell them on your blog. Yes, that's it. Sell them on your blog and don't forget to include shipping costs.:) I just stopped by to say hi and I came inside the house because I got sick of looking at that canvas. I'll work with it though. I have two bell peppers and some leftover rice so I am making stuffed bell peppers for dinner. Hey, mashed potatoes would be good with that. Mmmm. Take care.

YayaOrchid said...

Tracy, sometimes sewing something different lifts our spirits. You should try making some aprons. :)

Traci: Thank you for your comments and your visit.

Beth: I LOVE HL! It actually just opened in our city this month.

Renee: yes, that orange zig-zag trim is called rickrack. It's fun to use. Yes, the magazine was a one time purchase. I don't usually buy expensive mags. But the book "A Is For Apron" was not expensive, and yet worth every penny. I really liked it!

Gloria: Your dinner sounds delicious! We were out and about and so had Chick Filet for supper. It's been chilly all day. As to selling the aprons, I'd have to make a bunch of them, and I just barely got started. But who knows? I just might later on. :)

Anna said...

I just picked this book up from the Library last week. I have a bit of an apron obsession, so I found the book to be great fun.

Your pink apron is darling, by the way!

Anonymous said...

cute aprons! I think I need to see if they have that book at the library.

Clever Karen said...

Such a cute apron! I can't wait to see what you do with the ones in the book.

Sorry I didn't respond to your question about how I enlarged the pattern. I've been on vacation the past week and had no email!

When you use the site I suggested, it will take your scan of the pattern and enlarge it and divide it into 16 pieces. Then you need to print off the 16 pieces with your printer and then tape them together to make your pattern. Contact me again if you have further questions.

YayaOrchid said...

Thank you, Anna!

SeeMommySew: Hope you do get the book. It's a wonderful source of inspiration!

CleverKaren: Thank you so much for getting back to me on that question. I'll have to visit that site.

Sharon said...

I also like aprons... yours are adorable. The book I've checked out repeatedly from the library. I guess someday I should just buy it. It does have a lot of great patterns in it. I also picked up the apron magazine - it's it crazy how expensive it is? But I'll admit I enjoy the inspiration and artistic aprons in the mag.


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