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Friday, March 20, 2009

H Back Apron

Edit: I felt it important to add and clarify that there is nothing wrong with the pattern as I bought it in its original state and size. It was in my efforts to enlarge the pattern to a plus size where the problem began. Plus, Mona is a petite form, so any thing I size 'up' will not fit her properly.

Last year I bought a vintage style "H-Back" apron from an Etsy seller. In fact, it's the lilac colored apron Mona is wearing right now. I thought I could recreate it, but unfortunately, I'm not good at copying patterns. This is a style that is hard to find in the vintage apron patterns archives of most of the sites that sell them. Then quite by accident, after joining the Apronista site, I came upon a lady who had made a similar apron based on her Grandmother's apron. I wrote the young lady, Elisa, and expressed how much I liked her apron. Well, in answer to a prayer, she offered to sell me her pattern! Since she had an Etsy site, it worked out perfect! Well, I did say I'm not good at drafting or changing patterns. So I'm afraid the results were not as good as I had hoped. In this photo, the pockets look uneven. But actually, the apron is not draped properly over Mona. I was trying to even out the front and back:
This is the back view with the feature I really like about these aprons- the "H" back. As you can see, I overcompensated on the length of the back. Underneath you can see the really nice apron I purchased from another Etsy seller.
Needless to say, I'm very disappointed, but I'm not giving up. I really, really want an apron from this pattern. I already have an idea of what changes I need to make, so I'm hoping the next one will be much better. Wish me luck!


glorv1 said...

Hi yaya. I like that apron. I think it came out really good. The color is really great. When you get ready to sell one, let me know and I will buy one. Way to go. Take care.

Persuaded said...

couldn't you just move the ties up a bit? it seems like that might bring the waist back to where you want it.

and i have an absolute *horror* of resizing patterns. i have oodles of vintage patterns for dresses, aprons, even undies that i do so want to make up, but i'd have to resize the patterns. everyone always says, "it's easy!!" but it looks awfully difficult and complicated to me;

YayaOrchid said...

Thank you Gloria! I've got another pattern that looks much better. This one I have to work on to get it right.

Diane, I tried pinning it up higher in the back and it evens out better, but then it becomes 'smaller', and the H is hardly visible. Where the ties go is an area that extends out, so if I removed the ties from there, it wouldn't work.

Renee said...

Good luck yaya, great colours.

Love Renee xoxo

glorv1 said...

yaya, I ordered the Frida with bird in hand. It is awesome. It is so alive and with so much color. It puts my faded out prints to shame. boohooboohooo. Your not going to like my copy/print. It didn't come out so hot. I feel embaressed (is that how it's spelled)by the print job. I should have had them printed at staples or something. I think there is another R in that word above. I 'm making biscuits and gravy with some brocoli. Take care.

YayaOrchid said...

Renee, thank you for your always nice comments!

Gloria, I'm POSITIVE I'm going to love your print! You put a lot of time and effort into it and that's what matters. :)
I'll let you know when it arrives.


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