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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two More Aprons

It sure does feel good to complete a project! In this case I just finished these two aprons. This green one was made using a pattern from "Sew Retro Aprons" by Cindy Taylor Oates. This view has the scalloped hem.

I really enjoyed working on this apron, and it sure gave me ample opportunity to practice sewing on 1/4 inch bias binding. I'd done the 1/2 inch before, which is a lot easier to apply. But this I think looks daintier and much better. I have to say, I believe this is the best apron I've made by far.

And this is the "Provence Apron" using an enlarged pattern from the book "A Is For Apron". It's a beautiful apron, but it was a pain to apply the 1/4 inch binding along the front yoke! I'm afraid I am not entirely pleased with the results. I do love the toile fabric, though! And the pockets sure are cute!

This is the back view. Beautiful apron, but I have to say the instructions were the worst I have ever encountered! They have you jumping back and forth between steps, and they just are not clear enough. I had to figure out some of the steps using my limited past sewing experience.

But it's funny in a way. I mean here I was recommending this book on an earlier post because of the beautiful pictures of the aprons. But it isn't until you actually get into a pattern to try and put it together that you can really make an informed judgement about the value of a book or pattern. I will definitely make this apron again, but I'll have to go a bit slower to make sure I get it right. Practice makes perfect, or so I hope.


Persuaded said...

aprons? aprons? did i hear somebody say aprons??? hee hee hee;)

those are beautiful hon- you did a great job on both of them, and i am especially thrilled to see the provence apron made up. i have the book you mentioned and was especially drawn to that one- i loved how the author said that it could be worn as an accessory as well as an apron, lol.

you know bias trim is one of my favorite sewing applications- i don't finish it on the machine though. i open it up and sew the one side by machine, then refold and finish by hand on the inside. the first stitch line can be used as a guide so that your hand stitches are even, and it gives a very clean tight look to the bias trim on the outside. (hope this explanation makes sense... it makes sense to *me*, lol)

anyway... you did a spiffy job!

YayaOrchid said...

Thank you Diane! I did enjoy applying the bias trim. Thank you for that tip. Yes, it does make sense. Kinda like quilt binding?

glorv1 said...

Those are great aprons. How fun they look. You are getting better at making aprons. I remember you saying your weren't sure of this or that and now two more, that's 3 so far and they have all been outstanding. I bet you will have lots of fun wearing them too. Pretty nice because they cover the whole front and you can't get splatters on your clothes. Way to go! Thx for sharing.

YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Gloria! This makes 4 aprons I've made. Well, actually 5, counting the smock I tried to recreate from the one I ripped apart for the pattern. Thank you for your nice comment and encouraging words!

Wool Winder said...

They are both beautiful!

Clever Karen said...

Wow! These are turning out great! I especially love how you did the Provence apron. I didn't do the bias trim but I want to try that on the next one that I make!

Gabriela said...

Beautiful work! I wish I knew how to sew...truly beautiful work!


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