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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friendship Pizza

After making rolls using Rhonda's recipe, I then thought I ought to use her recipe, with yeast this time, for making pizza dough. And once again, I was inspired to be creative after seeing the mouth watering pictures of home made pizza over at Vickie's family blog. Take a good look at the above picture. That picture is from her post on their Friday Nights Pizza. Her family has such a sweet ministry, and sharing pizza is one way families are invited to join them for some wonderful Christian fellowship. I just love to hear or read about families who live with old fashioned values. Makes me long for the good old days when it was safe to trust people, ya know? Now, about the pizza......isn't the picture amazing? That olive pizza would have to be one of my favorites! Boy, a picture like that sure did set me to work! I'm always tweaking recipes, so while I did ask Vicki for her recipe, which was graciously shared on her blog, I did make a few minor changes and/or additions.

Mind you, I did use a roll recipe for pizza crust, and it came out pretty good. Here, I decided to try using Mexican crumbly cheese just because I had some, and needed to use it before it expired. I also used lots of sauce:

And fresh out of the oven:

This one does have mozzarella cheese, but I'm afraid I used less sauce.

And here is the mozzarella pizza fresh out of the oven:

Now, I think they don't look anywhere as good as Vickie's pizza. And the cheese topping might have toasted just a wee bit too much. I'm not afraid to show that sometimes my culinary attempts are not perfect. But I can attest to these pizzas being very good and tasty. Works for me! It made for a nice inexpensive dinner. Turns out the roll recipe can also stand in for pizza dough! How versatile!

That's why I copied it on to my homemade tags like I do with all my favorite recipes!


glorv1 said...

Yaya that works for me too. You are always making delish mouth watering dishes. I just ate so I'm not hungry but after looking at the pizzas, it makes me want to make one. Maybe this week I'll try one. I've made pizza before and I load it up with everything except those fishy things and onions.
I also like the way you copied the recipe to the tags. I like those tags. I need to get some, but I think my friend Carmen is sending me some. She is sending me a box of goodies and I can hardly wait. WooHoo. Thanks for sharing you delish looking and tasting pizza. I
will be there for leftovers. Can you mail me some? Pretty please.:) Take care.

YayaOrchid said...

Gloria, hope you share pictures of your pizza when you make it. I love looking at pictures, you know that right? :)

How nice of your friend to send you some goodies. It's always exciting to receive packages in the mail...ask me how I know ;)

Randy Furco said...

I love PIZZA!!!!!

Amy said...

All I can say, Yaya, is MMMMMM! I love homemade pizza. I shouldn't indulge, mind you....I've recently discovered I'm allergic to wheat. Oh what a cruel joke for a bread-lovin' gal like me. Your pizzas look awesome.


Persuaded said...

ooh, i love olive pizza. and i never get to have it because i am the only one who likes olives *pout*

and i also love the tag idea! i mean i really really *love* it! it looks as though it were really old... can you share how you did it? what a sweet way this would be to share a recipe♥

YayaOrchid said...

Randy, thank you for your visit. :)

Amy, it sure is good to hear from you again! I'm sorry about your wheat allergy....I can't imagine how hard it must be, are there other flour substitutes, like maybe rice flour that you can use? I think there are gluten free flours available. Sure hope something works out for you ok.

Diane, thank you! About the tags, I just bought some nice cardstock paper (already a brown shade) at Michael's and cut the edges decoratively with some scissors. I also ran the corners through an embosser, which is a little gadget that makes a 'lifted' design. For the 'old' look, I just used some little sponges like what you use for makeup, and dabbed it on some stamp pads and also used some 'decorative chalks' and 'cat's eye' chalks which you find at Michael's or any scrapbook store. Some people also put their plain colored paper through a tea or coffee 'bath'. But I find it's easier to just use paper with the brown tones already in there. When you go to buy the ink pads, get the brown tones, like vintage, sienna, etc. On the other side of the tag I also stamped a nice design.

Vicki said...

Amy, I hope you see this... I am Vicki, from We have pizza every Friday night and while it looks wonderful and tastes wonderful, I, like you, am not supposed to eat wheat. I do cheat ion occasion and pay the piper later. :) What *I* normally do and it tastes delicious, is put my pizza toppings on a brown rice tortilla. Food for Life brand makes a good one that is usually available in most health food stores. I hope you can find them because they are a great substitute for burritos or pizza for those of use who can't have the wheat.


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