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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garden Note

Last year, I happened upon a wonderful European blog which showed a sample of a card generator. Happily, her blog also offered an English translation, and I was able to follow the instructions. I'm not sure what this might be useful for, but I did like the look of the 'old' index card look. So I wrote out what one page of my gardening journal looks like. I just think it's a nifty way to show your plans for the day. I might actually go outside to carry out my to-do list, even though it's been very hot in my location.


glorv1 said...

Its a good idea to have notes like that yaya. I rarely do that because I get lazy about keeping track. I like that you do that, this way you can refer to it. We just use ice cream stick to put the plants names and I make notes on my calendar. Planted this tomato plant today, or chili plants or etc. Hey you are on twitter now too. It's weird. I'm still trying to learn to use it. You can send messages to each other but I haven't figured it out yet.

Beth said...

I love the note! I love the retro look.

Lea said...

this is such a good idea, whoever came up with it.
I think I have to find an occasion to need an old notecard

glorv1 said...

Of course you can put it on your blog. The music I'm talking about. I Think I put all of his music on my list. Go for it, you will feel better to take some time and listen to it. It is so moving. Take care yaya.

Renee said...

My dear friend. How are you doing? Are you feeling okay?

Love you. Renee xoxo

Renee said...

Yaya I am thankful all of the time that we have become friends.

I remember when I was so down and needed to feel boosted up and you told me that my husband and I would have each other for a long long time and that I wasn't going anywhere and that you were praying for me.

Well, dear friend, what goes around comes around and I have you in my heart and am prayig for you now.

Maybe you are having a crappy month, or maybe there are some things you need to unload. But whatever it is, pleasue know that I am here for you.

I know that Gloria is here for you to. Her love for you comes off the pages.

Love Renee xoxoxo

YayaOrchid said...

Renee, thank you for your very encouraging and comforting words. I also thank you for your prayers. We can all use as much prayer as we can get, believe you me! thank you Renee!

Tea Time and Roses said...

I love the look of a time past. What a beautiful idea! Thanks so much for sharing!



glorv1 said...

yaya, come and pick up you Renee Award. Congrats!


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