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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Around My Garden

Continuing with a garden theme, in today's post I share just a few shots of the pretty flowers seen around my garden.

This is a Flamboyant Tree also known as Royal Poinciana. It grows fairly huge, but this picture only shows the beautiful blossoms. It's a showy tree, perhaps that's why it's called 'Flamboyant'.

This Bird of Paradise bloom is just so beautiful. Doesn't it look so much like a bird with a floral headdress? (It's also the photo in my banner.)

This is the flamboyant tree again, a closer and clearer shot than the previous one. The flowers are a bright red which almost look orange.

This is my red plumeria. For some reason in the picture it looks hot pink. This plumeria is beautiful, but sadly, not very fragrant. I also have a pink one that is oh so fragrant. Intoxicating perfume!

Here you can also see my Silver Dollar Eucalyptus tree next to it. I love the contrast in color and texture! I know, I know....they're too close together. We are just running out of room to plant things. We literally have to squeeze in any new additions we buy! And I can't think of ever not acquiring more plants! Plants just make me.....happy!

This has been a short and brief walk through my garden. I'm certain the garden will be a recurring theme. Please indulge me.


glorv1 said...

Oh the garden is always one of the best themes around. You have some really nice trees. I love the silver dollar tree. We have eucalyptus but not that king. We have no plumeria and that flamboyant is something I want to get. I'm going to write the name down and next we go to the nursery I am going to look for it. Don't forget when those seeds are dry, please send me some. Speaking of seeds, what other kinds of seeds do you have. Do you want me to send you some fava bean seeds after they dry?. Plants make me happy and calm as well. Nice post. Oh that bell I have on the side of my blog? You like it? Copy it and put one on your blog. I like the sound of a little chime. Take care.

glorv1 said...

Oh how cool that you were able to get the bell. It's neat, huh? I got it from Esteemarlu. You ever visit her blog? She makes really nice quilts. Talk to you later. Glad you were able to load it up.

Persuaded said...

i am struck by how very different out plants are up here in the north from yours down there... hard to believe we live in the same country! our plants are so much sparser and duller in shade from your plants... but we appreciate them just as much;)

YayaOrchid said...

Diane, but you'll get to grow much nicer vegetable gardens and fruit orchards. The heat here kills vegetable gardens!

Tea Time and Roses said...

I love your new banner and background color and the bird of paradise is sooooo pretty! Your photos are beautiful and your plumeria breathtaking! What a wonderful garden you must have.

I am so happy to hear I am not a little dot any more. :o) Continue to enjoy your beautiful garden.



Renee said...

The garden is amazing Yaya. You must live someplace hot.

Can you believe we had snow last Saturday but it melted when it hit the ground.

I love all your plants and your bird of paradise is gorgeous.

My favourite and I never knew the name before is the plumeria. Gorgeous.

Thanks Yaya.


Kristin said...

wow, what beautiful flowers! All we have so far is primroses!

Peggy said...

I LOVE your Bird of Paradise, beautiful colors! I have spent the last week giving my gladioli leaves a stern talking to, exhorting them to BLOOM! Do something other than fall over. The plants, not me!

glorv1 said...

Just stopped by to say hi and how is it going. Also to wish you a good weekend. It's going to be hot over here and we'll spend the weekend barbecuing. Of course I will try not to eat meat and grill veggies. Veggies always are good when grilled. I started on a teeny journal. I've splashed on different colors of paint on each page, blow dryed the pages and now they are ready to be painted on or written. I've got one book out there somewhere. I sent it to Carmen and she was supposed to paint/draw/write and then give it to someone else and continue on down the line. Eventually and hopefully it will come back to me. How neat if it does. I'm drinking cafecito right now and I've got this urge to go to the kitchen and get a pan dulce....but I'm not. Take care.May I will head to the kitchen...heheheeh

Ganeida said...

Just visiting from Soupie's blog. :)
I don't know where you are but we have a poinciana too. It heralds the summer holidays in northen Australia & the exam takers always seem to sit when the poinciana & Jacaranda are in full bloom. The streets are awash in blue & red carpets for several weeks every year.

Cindy said...

Your garden is beautiful. I love all your tropical plants. My plumeria (at home) is just now beginning to bloom. Oh, to live where it was just a little bit warmer in the winter. Cindy from


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