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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chorizo Con Papas Y Huevos

Some time back, I made a similar post to today's. It was about cooking Mexican chorizo with eggs, which is a popular breakfast food where we live. It's a spicy food, as I said before, and traditionally served at breakfast. Well, since the breakfast police are not around, I thought I'd serve a little variation for today's lunch. The basic ingredients:

You have to have your flour tortillas ready, for either tacos or to serve as your scooping implement.

some whisked eggs

a little onion for flavor

your Mexican chorizo (please remove the casing) which you break up and cook thoroughly--we're talking pork products here:

and some nicely cooked diced potatoes

You can stop right after mixing your potatoes and chorizo. I mean that would be perfect for some nice tacos, with maybe a little hot salsa scooped on top.

But we're going for something a little more traditional, a little more filling. So we mix the whole kit and caboodle for just the right touch:

And that is how you make Chorizo with potatoes and eggs. Makes your kitchen smell so good too! It's a one pot/skillet meal. After you fry up your potatoes, drain as much of the oil as possible. The same thing with the chorizo, since it releases oil. Just leave enough to help cook your eggs and keep them from sticking to your pan. It's also a very inexpensive meal!


glorv1 said...

That looks delicious. I remember when I made that too. I hope your enjoyed your dinner. I'm making chicken nuggets, salad, and roasted potatoes from the garden. The little red ones.
I'm having trouble logging into my blog. I can't go to my main page, it keeps aborting. Not sure why. I can't click on my link because it does go to it but it won't load up. I signed in through blogger itself and I can only go to my dashboard. Not sure why that is. I would just hate to start another blog. I will contact blogger later if I still can't get to my home page. Real good dinner. We had chorizo on Sunday. Have to, take care.

Natalie said...

Have mercy!
We were going to have a vegetarian dinner... but this is what I will be craving. Sabroso.

Bob Mrotek said...

Have you tried chorizo hamburgers yet? Incredible!

glorv1 said...

Yaya I had to come back and look at your tortillas. They sure look good I have some flour in the bowl and keep wanting to make masa but I keep putting it off. Maybe tomorrow I will put on my oil cloth apron and get in that kitchen and make tortys. How cute is that word. Take care. My blog still keeps messing up but it lets me in once in a while. Did you stop by steves blog?

glorv1 said...

hi yaya. I'm using firefox and I don't like it. It keeps telling me I have to install plugins and I can hear your bell and I deleted mine because it needs plugins. I don't get it. Well anyway I am able to blog a little. Just stopped by to say hello and thx for your comments. Have a great weekend. I'm cooking beans today and making tortillas. Come over and we'll have some beans and cheese with fresh torts. Take care.

Renee said...

Yaya I almost ate the picture. I am starving and that looks delicious.

I am going to have to call you Yumyum instead of Yaya.


Anonymous said...

oh my, that looks so yummy!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Oh my this is amazing, I was just telling Honey not many days ago that we should make chorizo and eggs!:o) It is delicious indeed! I have not had it with potatoes but I will be following your recipe next time around.:o) Thank you so much for this recipe and your photos are just beautiful! Enjoy a wonderful weekend.



Renee said...

Yaya can you make this for breakfast in the morning. It looks so good.

Night God bless you dear friend.


glorv1 said...

yaya, where are you. Are you okay? I hope everythng is okay.Good Sunday to you.

Heather said...

that recipe looks amazing. i had a nice little visit to mexico in my mind. also, your new photo in your banner is gorgeous. my father gave my mother one of those for the prom. . . yes they are h.s. sweethearts. when i see those flowers, i always think of romance. thank you for sharing such happiness with me today.

Persuaded said...

ok... i don't like eggs.. but this looks yummy even to me!!

where have ya been girlie? i miss ya♥

Peggy said...

I love stuff like this! I can practically smell it - great photos!

Renee said...

I was just about to hound Gloria to find out where you were dear friend.

Have you gone to see the grandbabies?

I'm fine.

Love Renee xoxoxoxo

Tea Time and Roses said...

Stopping by to wish you and your family a beautiful weekend!




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