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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Visit To The Pond Store

This will be another quick post. I merely wanted to share some of the pictures we took on our last visit to San Antonio of the ponds at Water Garden Gems. We needed to pick up koi food, so the visit was very timely. It is always a delight to visit this place. The gardens are just beautiful!

I love the way the asparagus fern tumbles over the small waterfall and into the pond.

A bridge over a pond is a lovely feature. I also enjoyed their statuaries and wrought iron flamingos in the pond! And you have to have ducks and geese too!

The plumeria shown here is bare of leaves, but it has a lone beautiful yellow blossom. I've not seen that color of flower in a plumeria before.

I love their floating plant islands!

Every pond should have a water lily. These are beautiful specimens.
Thus ends this small tour. I always wish I could stay longer when we go there!


Persuaded said...

those are beautiful! i would love to have a waterfall... the sound is so restful. and it attracts birds and other little folk as well☺

have a wonderful day, friend♥

glorv1 said...

Oh I love that yaya. It is beautiful. Now I wish we had build a koi pond instead of the arch and fence. Maybe one day. Are they hard to take care of? You have a great week and hope your weekend was great. Take care.

Tracy said...

Thank you for taking us along, YaYa...stunning! I would love to go there too! Happy Days... ((HUGS))

Clever Karen said...

Such a beautiful water garden. I love the water lilies.

YayaOrchid said...

Diane, I also love the sound of water, and yes, it attracts wildlife.

Gloria, I don't think they're difficult to keep. But they do need a large area to grow. You could always have other kinds of fish such as comets. They grow nice and big but not huge like koi.
I highly recommend it!

Tracy, thanks for stopping by. I'll go check out your blog shortly.

Karen, I love water lilies! But when you have koi, they dig them up and end up destroying them. We can only put water lilies in the comet pond.

Renee said...

yaya it is so beautiful. do you have lots of koi in your yard.

well like you said back to plogging along. i totally need to pick up my feet.

love renee xoxoxo

YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Renee! Currently we have 6 large koi, but at one time I had as many as 15! However, I lost quite a few of them when there was a power outage, and the pump and aerators ceased to give them the much needed oxygen. It had been a very hot day. I also have quite a few goldfish, including comets.

Tea Time and Roses said...

How beautiful and your lovely photos captured it so well. A kind of place where one could linger all day...just beautiful!

By the way, I do not know why I am showing up as a little dot. Could it be blogger at it again. :o)

Enjoy a beautiful week my friend!




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