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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pictures of Goodies

I really wanted to share a couple of pictures of the parcel my good friend Gloria sent me. Everything was delightful! But you know which was my absolute favorite item? You see that wooden round plaque in the middle? The one that says "Yaya"? I really like it! It's such a nice gift, as it was made by her own two hands, for the personal touch. I think I'm going to hang it in the living room, although it would also look nice in my craft/sewing room. There were lots of other goodies- a wooden necklace with gems, candy, and another one of her handmade artwork sculptures. I am really liking the rose scented bar of soap too!
She also shared seeds from her garden. I really like the wisteria seed pods. They are so smooth, soft, and velvety, much like whitetail deer antlers when they're in velvet. It's the long pods you see to the left at the closure.
Thank you so much Gloria! It felt like Christmas in July...err...June!

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glorv1 said...

Glad you liked it yaya. That rose soap is something else. I love it. I just found them the other day and I stocked up on them before they are gone. I gave a couple of bars to my friend Sherry over at Curves. Well I better go as it is hot over here. It was 105 earlier and the fans aren't doing their job. I have a wet towel around my neck. Take care and enjoy.


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