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Friday, July 17, 2009

Jose Alfredo Jimenez Video

I'm so glad Bob made this post. His purpose was to show another way to learn Spanish. The video reminded me how much I really like this type of music, and in particular this Mexican artist. Jose Alfredo Jimenez was one of Mexico's shining stars, but sadly he died rather young at the age of 47. His music genre is known as 'ranchera' but also includes mariachi. What is awesome about him is that he had no musical training, yet composed more than a thousand songs! I grew up listening to his music. There is something so rustic and primitive about this sort of music that just speaks to the core of my heritage. I'm just going to share one of the many songs this singer/songwriter created. The difficult part was choosing which video to embed, since there were quite a lot of them.


Bob Mrotek said...

You forgot to put the Spanish lyrics and the translation. Come on girl, this is a Spanish lesson and we are in this together. When you and your main squeeze finally come to visit us Gina and I will take you to where José Alfredo lived and where he is buried :)

Heather said...

Fun--you are right, songs are such a better way to help the words stick in our brains.

YayaOrchid said...

Bob, that sounds like a great plan! I would love to visit the interior of Mexico but with a trusted and knowledgeable person such as you and your lovely Wife. Hubby is not too keen on visiting Mexico though. He hears such scary stories on the news! I would love to visit all the quaint little colonial towns, and the beaches of course. Maybe someday, Bob! Thank you for your very kind offer, we may just take you up on it some day. :)

Heather, very true. But then it has to be music you like.

Persuaded said...

thanks for sharing this.. I'll have to come back later and check it out properly. The kidlets are still sleeping, and I don't want to wake 'em up;)

Have a wonderful day, dear♥

YayaOrchid said...

Diane, I do believe mariachi music in the morning would wake up anyone, LOL!


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