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Friday, July 31, 2009

Rhonda Jean's Recipe Is So Good!

(photo courtesy of Rhonda Jean's blog)
Ever since Rhonda Jean from Down to Earth made this post about her beef casserole, I felt I just had to try and make it. She calls the cuts of beef she used 'shin beef', which I suppose is what it's called in Australia. In my neck of the woods, it looks like what we call 'hueso redondo' and is labeled "soup bone" in my supermarket. And yes, we use it to make 'caldo de res' or beef soup in the Winter. We also like this cut of beef because it usually has a nice amount of 'tuetano' or marrow. In our family, we all love tuetano! It's supposed to be very good for you. Since I happened to have some in the freezer, I decided to try this new twist on a simple cut of meat. I didn't take pictures, but it turned out so good! The meat was just tender and falling off the bones and tasted so much like 'barbacoa'. Barbacoa is a Mexican regional dish which usually involves roasting a beef head in a pit underground for a lenthy time. Of course, most people just wrap the head or whatever cut of beef is on hand in aluminum foil, and roast it in the oven for several hours. It becomes tender and oh so flavorful! The only seasonings are salt and pepper.

But in Rhonda's recipe, paprika is also added. And then to further add flavor and deliciousness to the dish, she also adds dumplings! Oh, talk about old fashioned goodness! The only thing I changed about her dumpling recipe is I added an egg and used milk instead of water. I learned that from a good friend, Mrs. Harris from Crosbyton,Texas. Boy did she make good chicken and dumplings! I've lost touch with her, but I wish I could thank her for teaching me how to make dumplings! Another change I made to Rhonda's recipe is that I omitted the carrot. I usually find that when I add carrots to a recipe it ends up tasting like beef stew. Not that it's a bad thing, I just want a little different flavor coming through.

I highly recommend Rhonda's recipe. It opened up a new way to prepare those soup bones, plus it's easy to make and very delicious!


glorv1 said...

That does look good. For a weekend I could go for one of those. During the week I've been trying to eat light. I did make mole yesterday or a couple of days ago, but I only had a spoon of it. I ate mostly rice. I've got to try that recipe one of these weekends. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Persuaded said...

My gracious that does look *good!* My boy would love this I know... wouldn't it be great for a cold winter evening? yummmers:-P

Renee said...

You do my heart good.

I love your prayer.


Amy said...

I, too, saw Rhonda's recipe and the thing that I can't wait to make is the dumplings. I think I'm going to try chicken and dumplings to see if my gang will go for it.

Have a great weekend, Yaya.


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