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Friday, August 28, 2009

Machacado Con Huevo

Today saw us enjoying a traditional breakfast treat for Supper. Most of the foods we know and enjoy as breakfast fare are versatile this way. Every once in a while we'll have pancakes for supper for example. The breakfast police don't mind a bit, I can assure you.

Our simple meal consisted of machacado con huevo. Machacado is basically similar to dried beef jerky. As I understand it, it's raw salted beef set out to dry open air, or for commercial purposes, dehydrated. The beef is sold in small thin packages, and you simply tear off the amount you need to cook. After frying for a bit until golden brown in a small amount of oil, I usually add plenty of diced onions and a jalapeno or two.

Today I also added a little bit of pinto beans, just because my Sweetie likes to 'mix it up' when it comes to the cooking with eggs. And as always in these breakfast dishes, the ubiquitous flour tortilla is always front and center, standing by for the call to duty.
I also like to add diced tomatoes and cilantro along with the jalapenos. But I was out of tomatoes since I'd just made some hot salsa.

And what does machacado and eggs taste like? To me, it tastes like 'barbacoa' which in turn tastes a little like pot roast, only more earthy and delicious! The eggs are just a medium or a means to an end, so to speak. You need the eggs to 'extend' the amount of the costly beef. Machacado is quite expensive, so we don't have it very often. It is a treat, that's for sure!


Renee said...

And now I'm hungry.


Elaine said...

Oh this sounds so yummy.... I love your recipes!
Elaine :)

glorv1 said...

Yaya that looks so good. I hope you enjoyed.
I decided to start accepting awards again because they are so much fun. Speaking of awards, come to my blog and pick up two awards.


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