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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gloria's Shoppe!

My good Amiga Gloria from Viva La Vida has opened up her own online shop! This very talented artist, gardener, cook extraordinaire, and all around great blogging friend has set up GlorV1's Wooden Bracelets Shoppe with a marvelous array of beautiful and colorful wooden bracelets.

Gloria has been blogging for quite a while and has shared her gift of painting with prints of some of her artwork. She has also created some very pretty woodwork, some made for the kitchen, and others for the garden, such as her "Ladies of the Garden" collection. Well, now with this new venture, I do believe she has found another creative outlet which has been showing itself to be quite successful. I urge anyone to pay her a visit, you will be certain to find something that you simply must have. And now with Christmas shopping underway, her bracelets would make for an excellent gift! I know I have my eye on several of those beauties, just can't decide which!

I believe that we should support each other in our creative endeavors. As women, we tend to shy away from 'putting ourselves out there', meaning in the business world. But with encouragement and positive support from one another, any of us can make our dreams come true! Stop by Gloria's shoppe, and be sure to leave her some love and encouragement.



glorv1 said...

Oh my goodness yaya, I'm blushing. Thanks a lot, I appreciate that. As for the side bar guidelines, I borrowed them from another blogger but just added the name of my shoppe. Sure go ahead and copy and use. I did sell 2 bracelents already. Whoopeee! We'll see how this goes and I dont' know if I can do this on Blogger but I'll find out, won't I. Thanks so much for your support. and I you too.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear One,

What a lovely post, and what a beautiful talent Gloria has!:o) I love the bracelets, so pretty!! A Big Congratulations to Gloria!!



Georgina said...

I guess I've been in Mars becuase I missed her opening....Earth to Yaya, thank you!! And I agree, we should support each others talent.


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