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Monday, November 16, 2009

Jane Austen Exhibition

I just learned through the Sense and Sensibility forum, which is one of my favorites, that there is currently an exhibition in New York at the Morgan Library and Museum of all things Jane Austen! It would be fascinating to learn more about this famous English author's life and legacy. The exhibition dates are from November 6, 2009 through March 14, 2010, so for anyone interested, there is still time to plan for a trip there.

Being an Austen fan myself, I only wish I could someday make a trip to England to visit all the historic places associated with the times and life of Jane Austen. While New York seems more within the realm of possibility, it might at as well be across the pond also. The timing is just not right; but there will be other times and other exhibitions. For now, movies about her books will have to do.



Tracy said...

Ooohhh...How I would LOVE to see that exhibit too! I'm a HUGE Jane Austen fan too, to that would be right up my street. We'll be Stateside soon, but I don't think we'll make the exhibit. :o( When hubby & I were in England some time ago, we were in the city of Bath and saw where Jane Austen lived there and there's lots of Jane there in Bath. We had hope to travel to see another place she lived, but bad weather and too-short time frame canceled that--hopefully another time! Can but dream. Must see the link to the library you have here. Happy week, my friend :o) Oh, you were wondering about my tea/teacup photos. They were taken a slightly different times of day, which seemed to affect the look of each. The cups set in exactly the same spot. Fun to see the difference of light!

glorv1 said...

I haven't read a Jane Austen book since English classes at college. Yes was quite a writer. I've got to get back to reading. Last night I did pick up a text book called Short Fiction, Classic and Contemporary by Charles H. Bohner and read a few short stories in there.All our famous writers are in this text book. A few select stories were chosen by the instructor and so there are still many short stories in this book that I need to read. It really helps to read as it opens the senses and makes you think. I better go get ready for exercise. They open at 8:30 on Tuesdays and Thursday so that's why I am taking my time. Have a good day.

YayaOrchid said...

Tracy, thanks for answering my question about your photos. You take amazing photos my friend!

Gloria, I too need to get back to reading on a regular basis. Enjoy your day!


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