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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rejoicing In The Little Things

Not long ago I made a post where I mentioned one of our citrus trees which had produced fruit, but which we also had no idea what type of tree it was. Over the last few days I've been keeping my eyes on the fruit, watching as it slowly begins to ripen, showing a glorious tinge of orange here and there.

Well, today I decided I could wait no longer to at least try and get a taste and thereby an idea of what fruit we were dealing with. So my Sweetie went and got a ladder and brought down one of the specimens which had a little more color than the rest. Of course when I posted about it back in October 9th, the fruit was still quite green:

In my excitement I completely forgot to take a picture of the fruit as it looks today.....before I peeled it.
What to my wondering eyes (and tastebuds) should appear but a Ruby Red Grapefruit!

The peel is visible in these photos, and it is obvious that there is still some green coloration going on.
And even as I hurriedly removed the rind and saw the color, I kept thinking maybe it's a Blood orange! Well, that was not the case!

So I know I'm looking at the very early stages of ripening. Imagine the stunning color when this fruit is fully ripe! How amazing also that this is only three weeks from the way it looked back in October!

And the sweetness! Oh, you cannot imagine how sweet it already is! Oh, the rind is inevitably thick and bitter, but it's the sweetness which captivates the taste buds. What is so astonishing to me is that we had actually gone and purchased a small grapefruit tree years ago, and after a couple of years of hoping for signs of growth, it finally died. So through the years we've been saying,  'Oh! If only we had a grapefruit!' And all along we had one growing in our garden without know it! We just really had our heart set on it being an orange tree. We do also have an orange which this year also produced for the first time, and we did taste it also to verify, and it is an orange, and yes, it also has a ways to go before maturing fully. But this tree was the one we were so certain was an orange. Will wonders ever cease?!

And you know what else is so wondrous to me? My Sweetie planted it from seed! Except for the Mexican lime tree which was a gift from his Father, and the Tangerine which was a gift from my Abuelita, every little citrus tree we have growing in pots was planted by my Sweetheart. He even has an Ugli fruit tree growing in a pot. Yep, the man has a 'buena mano'..... a good hand for citrus seeds.

To me, this has been such a huge blessing! Something new to cheer me up after weeks of sadness and stress. And on that front, I am happy to report our little Owen is much improved after the surgery. His parents took him and Elias out trick or treating last night. Not that I much approve of that, but that's a whole other story. All I'm happy about is that he's doing great! One more reason I suppose why this grapefruit tastes so very sweet!


Tufa Girl said...

I would love to have a grapefruit tree. I have a thornless lime in a pot that I have to drag in and out all "winter".

Being a "Valley" girl, the fresh citrus is what I miss the most.

YayaOrchid said...

Then you must know how different the prices are for produce in the valley. I was so astounded! Things are so cheap!

glorv1 said...

That grapefruit looks awesome, I could eat that. I have some seeds from something similar to what you have there. What I have though is I think called pomelo? It's like grapefruit and orange. I'm glad you are doing better. Owen went trick or treating? Wow! I'm glad he is doing so much better.
By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog for Dia De Los Muertos and leaving your nice comment. I appreciate it. I will just post a small comment later tomorrow thanking you all. Take care.

Georgina said...

How wonderful to find such a delicious surprise! My daughter lives in Austin, TX and one of her neighbors had some type of tree over lapping into their parking lot. When I was there in May, I thought perhaps it was an apple tree..couldn't get too close, but when I returned in late Sept. it turned out to be a lime tree...beautiful ripe limes ready for the picking...I have no idea if if she picked any of them, but they were ready for harvesting!!!

YayaOrchid said...

Georginna, fresh limeade is the best! Very healthy and refreshing. As to our 'grapefruit' I think maybe Gloria's right, it could be a pomelo, which is a type of Asian grapefruit.

lifeshighway said...

What a beautiful fruit. The only fruit trees that I have on my property are plums and persimmons. My husband's family tradition is the making of persimmon pudding, that time is quickly approaching.


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