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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

40 Loaves Book review

Cover Art:

Book: 40 Loaves - Breaking Bread with Our Father Each Day
Author: C.D. Baker

Author Bio:

C. David Baker founded an award-winning business before redirecting his career to write full-time from his small farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He is the author of eight books, including six novels, one of which was nominated for a Christy Award. He has contributed articles to the Christian History Institute’s international publication Glimpses, and to Christian Singles magazine. Baker has a Master’s degree in theological studies from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.


“Why don’t I have more faith?”

“Why am I so bored with Jesus?”

“Why are Christians so hard for me to like?”

There are many questions we’re not supposed to ask when playing by the religious rules. It makes people uncomfortable. So why is it that Jesus invited questions and even asked some of them himself? What is it that you’re afraid to ask God? It’s a risky prospect to begin asking–but far riskier to continue simply trying to get by without knowing. Author C. D. Baker asked himself 40 soul-searching questions which started a conversation in his heart and ultimately showed him more about God than He ever expected.

Can we become more honest with who we really are and find who God says He really is at the same time? Come indulge yourself in daily readings with an honest exploration of your secret fears and thoughts, and know that you will always be welcomed in God’s unconditional love.

Search me, O God … and know my anxious thoughts.

–Psalm 139:23 NIV

I'll be honest. When I received the book, I was somewhat skeptical about coming to enjoy reading it. I feared it would be another 'theological' or 'religious' book like the millions out there with just theories and people's personal opinions and/or perspectives. The book did look 'good', it has a nice 'feel' to it, like something that wouldn't be so time-consuming or that would make you lose interest quickly. But I knew that sometimes it's hard to stay focused on lengthy religious tomes. And although the book itself is not a huge novel, I wasn't really expecting to be impressed or blown away by the content.

After reading it, I must say, I found it refreshingly thought provoking. It is somewhat liberating to find that a theological expert would actually ask such deep intimate questions about faith and beliefs. And in doing so, he makes you want to delve deeper into your own values and belief system. The questions he brings out are basic: Why don't I know what I want in life? Why do I have such a complaining spirit? Why don't I seem to love myself more? The author doesn't pretend to supply the answers, but he does give you food for thought. But what I liked the most and what I came away with from reading his book: to look at and keep your sight focused on Jesus. Not in yourself or your own faith or in others, but in Christ. To me, that in itself is a multi-carat diamond to treasure!

I'm going to keep this little book near me- in my desk actually. It's not going to be stashed in my bookcases with all the other 'help' books. I really do consider it worth a reread or two. Do I recommend it? I actually thought before reading it that I might say no. However, my answer now is yes. I really do recommend this book. It would also make a good conversation piece at any gathering.

To learn more about or where to purchase this book visit Random House at

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


glorv1 said...

I've heard of this book and I'm glad to hear it is a good read. I also read somewhere that it can be read in 40 days or so, and when I like a book I usually read a chapter or two while I'm drinking my morning coffee.When I first heard about it, I thought it was a cookbook for bread.:) In a way I guess it is the bread of life. Thanks for the info. Hey have a great Thursday.

YayaOrchid said...

Thanks, Gloria! I too thought it looked like a bread baking book. I did enjoy reading it.

Bob Mrotek said...

“Why are Christians so hard for me to like?”

Perhaps that is why someone once said: "God sure has a lot of strange folks who love Him!"

Another someone once said: "Most people seem pretty normal until you get to know them!" :) :) :)

Renee said...

Good critique Yaya.


YayaOrchid said...

Bob, and your comments always leave me smiling!

Thank you Renee!


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