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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Demo Cooking

When I went to the supermarket yesterday, I noticed a young man doing a cooking demonstration. The aroma emanating from the oven was heavenly. As it turns out he was also giving out samples of the dish. I had to try it, and confirmed that it was really good. So of course I asked for the recipe. Too bad he was out of the recipe cards, but he told me what items I needed to get and a general idea of how the dish went together. The problem is I didn't remember to ask for the name of the recipe. Basically it's a layered lasagna, only it uses chili instead of Italian tomato sauce. Part of the promotion of the cooking demo included the sale of a gourmet chili product as well as a gourmet pasta. The chili jar was about a 32 oz glass jar, but it cost a whopping $8.64! Well, to my tastebuds, it tasted like regular old chili from a can. And the lasagna tasted like regular pasta you buy from a box. So off I went in search of some Wolf chili and plain lasagna pasta.

Today's meal consisted of said demo recipe, with a couple of minor additions. If you know anything about me, it's that I always tweak a recipe, just because I love to add more layers of flavor. That's why I first chopped up some onions and celery and sauteed in just a very little bit of olive oil (this was not in his recipe).

To which I added some of my fiery homemade hot salsa. Then I added the rest of the ingredients: chili, hot if you please, a can of black beans, Mexican queso fresco, Velveeta cheese, and cilantro. I also decided a can of black olives would be nice. So I chopped them up a bit and added as well. Everything was simmered until the velveeta cheese melted into the chili. The mixture is then layered over the pasta. The assembled pan:

After a short stay in the oven, about 30 minutes at 400F, my chili lasagna came out looking and smelling quite edible! Which around here is usually all that's required.

I'll have to go back and thank the young chef for sharing his culinary demo. I am also glad I found a new source of cooking inspiration!


glorv1 said...

Wow! That sounds really good and looks even better. I bet you enjoyed your meal. We just had dinner and I have to go rinse of dishes and clean kitchen. I bought an electric blanket and I am hopping into bed after it warms up. I'm taking my laptop to bed so that I can blog hop and try to find some more followers.
HEY ANYBODY OUT THERE WANT TO FOLLOW ME!!! HEHEHEHE. Take care. Oh I also went xmas shopping, picked up just a few things. Did not go overboard at all. Stayed within my budget. Take care.

Tufa Girl said...

I think kids should have a basic cooking class before they finish high school. (I did. My mom said I could have the run of the kitchen AFTER the class.) They would learn the basic onion and celery base makes the dish. Sounds really good. Thanks for the recipe.

Renee said...

Dear friend go over to my blog today because there is a santa post link that I think would be great for you to do for your grandson.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Yaya said...

Gloria, thank you!

Cindy, I agree! Didn't Emeril call it 'the trinity'? onions,celery, and either carrots or green peppers.

Renee, thank you I'll go check it out!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Idalia,

Oh my this looks absolutely delicious! How wonderful it would have been to be sitting right there at the dinner table with you, yummy!!:o)

For the little snow flurries on my blog. I have a link on the bottom right hand corner, simply click it and go get your flurries.:o) Enjoy a beautiful weekend my friend.



YayaOrchid said...

Thank you Beverly, I will! :)


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