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Monday, December 14, 2009

New Things

So I found this wonderful Mexican cooking blog quite a while back, and had actually added it to my favorites list. But I'd never  mentioned it on my posts. And then what with I'm always updating my blog and changing the look, trying to streamline the look and all, I ended up deleting it. Anyway, recently I found it again, and boy am I excited to tell you about Ben's blog called What's Cooking. Particularly because for an eon of time I have been searching for a good Mexican concha recipe. I could never find one! Well, Ben has one on his blog! Boy, am I a happy camper! This young man has an amazing blog chock full of recipes from the homeland...boy I cannot tell you how great his blog is for finding that elusive recipe you might be searching for! His blog is where I found a really good recipe for empanadas, which are those flaky fruit filled or savory filled pastries quite a while back. And his food photography is A+ also. Love his blog! Now, he uses a lot of metric measurements, but he shared a nice conversion tool. I've added it to my sidebar as well. Good gracious, I have been finding so many neat sites and gadgets recently.

I'm also due to give my book review on a wonderful book "40 Loaves", and I'll be getting to that this week here on my blog. Plus, I'm working on some nifty kitchen towels, which I'm hoping to add to my shop. I also need to personalize some golf towels. In the shop I've also added some nicely fragrant lavender sachets. It was fun making those! My sewing room is redolent of lavender.....which is a good thing! So the days and weeks (2) leading up to Christmas will see me very busy. I need to make some time to go Christmas shopping! Good thing I've got the Christmas cards mailed out. This blogging thing has turned out to be a good way to visually get a sense of my to-do list and mentally check off items. And what's next? Food! Still gotta figure that one out.....maybe a turkey or ham.....wish I had time to do tamales. Maybe for New Year's Eve. That sounds within the realm of possibility.



Tufa Girl said...

It's snowing. I love it. I can hardly wait to check out Ben's blog. I love good authentic recipes.

glorv1 said...

I'll have to check out his blog for those empanada recipes. Your blog is running a little slow yaya. I finally got in. I have to check out your etsy and see what you have added. I better go now, take care.

Tufa Girl said...

I could have sworn I saw "snow effect" on your blog.... Did you take it off?

Ben said...

Awww yaya, you made me blush :D I am glad you found my blog helpful and that you like it. That means that I must be doing something right :) Thanks for visiting and mentioning it on your blog. It is forever appreciated :D

YayaOrchid said...

Cindy, yes I did have the snow effect, but I thought perhaps it was slowing down my blog, so I removed it. But I like it a lot, so I might put it back.

Gloria, yes he has really good recipes! I noticed that about my blog running slow. I don't know if maybe it's the awards slide show or the snow effect.

Ben, your blog is amazing! Love the photograpy and content too!


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