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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paisanos Travel

Living near the IH 35 corridor, we are witness to an interesting phenomena which is repeated each year around Christmas without fail. Long caravans of travelers, their cars but mostly trucks loaded to the gills with items which they take back to their homeland as gifts, inch their way along our nation's highways. This yearly exodus starts as early as Thanksgiving, but climaxes just days short of December 25. You can easily spot the 'Paisano' because their cars bear license plates from every state of the Union, and always bearing gifts such as bicycles, microwaves, tvs, furnishings, etc. Along their route, they spend money on food and lodging, an added boost to our weak economy.

So important has this event become, that the Mexican government has even set up a web page to help their countrymen make the return trip home safe. In addition to the basic services these weary travelers are offered, such as forms and documentation for their crossing into Mexico, they are also given helpful information for reporting the well known abuse and corruption to which they fall victim at the hands of Mexican officials. It is a sad thing to admit, but after many suffer discrimination and low wages here in our country, they then have to suffer more injustices at the hands of their own customs, police, and various other law enforcement agencies who try to extort money from them. Perhaps Mexico is trying to change that image that its government has long been known for- the infamous "mordida" or 'bite' that they inflict by demanding money in exchange for letting them go through without problems. The government endorsed web page plus various other messages advocating honesty and transparency have certainly helped with the tarnished image. In any case, it's a little awe inspiring to me to see how in spite of their travel woes, these people still look forward to the long journey home.

For me, the sight of these vehicles driving bumper to bumper along our expressway helps me see that the Christmas spirit is alive and well. Christmas trees being toted in trunks of cars, Holiday decorations all around, people bundled up warmly, their breathing visible in the cold air, the excitement in children's voices all remind me that the Holidays are a magical time. We may be suffering from a bad economy, job shortages, our troops fighting in foreign lands, and all the sadness that because this is Christmas we are more keenly aware of, yet in seeing that some things never change regardless, I am filled with hope. Because whether in times of abundance or times of lack, people have a way of looking beyond the difficulties and can hope for better days. So even if material gift giving is not possible, the gift of self goes a long way. That is also something positive these Paisanos remind me of. I love this time of year!



Tufa Girl said...

I pray for a day people do not have to trek so far from home and loved ones to make a living. After all what kind of living is that.

glorv1 said...

Hola! Just popped in real quick to tell you I got the message. Yaya, you didn't have to send the mo so quick. I trust you. I am finished with the bracelet. I did want to let you know that the XLarge bracelets are not dome but flat, still they look pretty good. I'm sending you what you ordered and I throwing in the one I had already made. You can always give it away as a gift or something. Have a great Sunday and your post is oh so true. What really counts is the attitudes of the peoples. It is sad what happens to some of these people when crossing their border. I feel for them. You take care.

YayaOrchid said...

Tufagirl, I agree completely! It's actually very sad. You hear such awful stories of some of them not even making it back due to accidents etc.

Gloria, I'm sending you an email.


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