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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold Surfing

It hasn't actually been that cold today- temperatures hovered around the 50's- but for some reason my feet have been cold and I just feel cold. To stay warm, I spent an awful lot of time visiting my old haunts- computer embroidery sites that is. It was fun seeing the projects people are working on. I used to visit those old sewing forums regularly not only to learn new things, but for inspiration as well. Seems the new 'big' thing the ladies are raving about are the 'Cricut' and the 'Silhouette' machines which can cut out all sorts of fancy designs on vinyl and other materials. Everybody wants one. They almost had me wanting one also!

But I've not lost my focus----must remember how much I really want a spinning wheel! Sure there are quite a few machines and gadgets out there for all kinds of creative work, but sometimes you just have to choose only one or two outlets. It's the sensible thing to do.

After all that surfing, a nice big bagel loaded with whipped cream cheese really hit the spot- that and a steaming cup of hot coffee! That was supper for us on this cold January day. I may have to make a quick trip to Wallieworld for some items I need to work on a project. Not sure yet. I hate going out. Oh yeah! Did I mention how much I hate to drive and how I hate to go out! I prefer to wait until my Sweetie can drive me. This city I live in has grown exponentially, and there is an unbelievable amount of traffic at any given time of day or night. We also have quite a lot of 'crazy drivers'. Some of them are even known to exhibit a healthy dose of road rage. I try to avoid that. I guess I just very much enjoy being at home.

This about ties it up for now. Oh, dear....I feel another post coming on. I still have to do my book review! Details later.



Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Idalia,

I see you have been posting away, how wonderful! I must take a few moments to catch up.:o)

I too love visiting crafty sites and seeing what others are doing, as you say it is so inspirational. I've seen all the new cutting tools out there and they are tempting but I do not think I will take the plunge, anyhow I love cutting and creating my own patterns and the extra stuff that goes with the machines are sky high!:o) If you get the machine you got to have the extras.:o)

Looking forward to your book review. I plan to get some reading in as soon as I can, the holidays really dipped in to my "reading day" time. I have a few wonderful books just waiting for me to break them open.:o) Chat with you soon my friend and enjoy a lovely rest of the week.



Gloria said...

Sounds like you are being busy, which is good. I still want to know how the coffee beans came out, now that will be a post with your coffee beans being roasted. I know I will be able to smell the beans. I love coffee beans. That's the way to go. Last year you wanted a spinning wheel, so get it this year. As far as road rage, it is all over the place. You have to be careful to not look at anyone or they'll think you are giving them dirty looks. That's how it has gotten these day. Have a great Thursday.

YayaOrchid said...

Hey, Beverly! That is so true about all the new fancy have to pay for all the extras. Not a good deal. It's nice you're trying to make time for reading. Winter was made just for that, doncha think? :) Have a great week, my friend!

Gloria, the coffee beans have not yet been roasted. I said it would be a while. I have some things I need to do first. This may very well be the year I get the 'wheel'. But I can wait.
Have a great week Gloria!


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