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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Candied Pomelo Peel

Well my friend Gloria is always cooking up yummy things in her kitchen. She recently made a post about making candied orange peel. Her post inspired me to give it a try. Since we had a goodly amount of pomelos from our tree, they yielded quite an amount of peel for just such a treat. I found this recipe for making Candied Pomelo Peel and it was perfect and so easy with a simple illustration too.
During the first stage of the process it simmers away:

The syrup took upwards of an hour and a half to finally reduce at a slow simmer. Then it was a matter of laying them out to dry.

Mmm... they looked so good at this stage and ready for enjoying.

But the recipe said to toss them in granulated sugar, so that was the final step.

They are delicious and bittersweet. I really like their color! They remind me so much of Mexican candied sweet potatoes "dulce de camote". Now I just have to find a nice container to store them in. This is such an easy thing to do with something you'd normally throw away. I'm thinking I'll do this again with oranges and even ginger. It's so easy and fun!


Gloria said...

They look really good. I'm thinking of doing that with the lemons too. Candied lemon peels are really good. I haven't tried the pomelo but we also have that tree as well. Looks really good yaya. You'll get hooked on doing this. Besides being fun, they are delish. Have a great Wednesday.

Yaya said...

Gloria, found a new blog which I am certain you would love! And I'm certain she would love having you visit and comment too! It's on the sidebar "Taza de Chocolate"....lots of cooking stuff on it.

Georgina said...

They look delicious...wish I could indulge, but as a diabetic, I'm limited. Love dulce de camote, well, used to!! LOL

Love your and Gloria's cooking blogs...they're so much fun. Made Caldo de Res last night with lots of fresh veggies...yum. Probably will live on that for the next couple of days since my honey will be out of plenty of homemade guacamole too!!

Have a great week.


YayaOrchid said...

Georgina, caldo de res sounds perfect with the chilly days we've been having. And so good for you too! Haven't had guacamole in a while. Enjoy!

You too have a great week!

Gloria said...

Yaya, I just wanted to clarify that I'm not the one who is sponsoring the event, I am just participating in the One World One Heart event. Lisa is the creator of the event. I'm just in it to give away a few items and meet other bloggers. Have a great weekend.

Clever Karen said...

Yum! I don't think I've ever had Pomelo. I love candied orange peel but never made it. This looks wonderful!


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