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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cooking and Swagsurfing

Today I prepared a recipe from a fellow bloggie friend Nathan. His recipe for fricassee chicken  turned out to be a keeper! I provide no photos of my own, so please go over to his blog to have a look. Very similar to Mexican Arroz con Pollo, but sans the rice. I did however make a side of white rice, Cuban style, just like Nathan makes it. What a delicious meal! As always, I tweaked a couple of things, by adding mushrooms and thyme for added flavor. Other than that, I stayed true to the recipe.

It does seem as though almost all of my recent blog entries have been about cooking. Which is a good thing, because it simply means I have been inspired by so many in the world of internet blogging. And of course, since I'm already on the computer anyway, of course I also have to do a little bit of swagsurfing while I'm at it. Doesn't hurt to pad up that little nest egg with Swagbucks every chance I get.

What shall I blog about next? Probably about books or maybe sewing. Or my favorite topic: the Grandkids!  But first, a bit of housework awaits me.


Dida said...
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Dida said...

hello yaya..
so how's it going with i-phone.
i am contemplating to get one for myself. i am afraid, i am already addicted to internet, and if i have an i-phone it will be glued to my hands all the time.
nope i don't have a Kindle...i guess the price is too steep. I will wait for a while, i m sure some cheap substitute will come around.
thank you fro dropping by and for ur nice comments...
have a nice day..

Elaine said...

Hi...Just thought I'd drop by. I'll have to go over to your friend Nathan's site and check out his recipes....sounds good. Really just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter. I know your faith means so much to you, as does mine, so I know you will be enjoying the presence of the Lord this weekend. God bless you and your family as you celebrate His resurrecton!

Easter Blessings,
Elaine :)

Karen Brown Letarte said...

Hi, Yaya!!

Thank you for your visits to DomesticMuse and THANK YOU for following! I am feeling inspired to write new posts now. I'm glad you found me.

Isn't Nathan's blog a gem? I always enjoy everything I try from his site. He is a genius!

I am following you now and look forward to reading your posts.

Karen (DomesticMuse)

YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Dida, i'm enjoying my phone yes, but when your eyesight is not what it used to be, the computer screen is still my favorite way or surfing the net.

Elaine, how sweet of you to stop by. I'll be visiting your blog in just a bit too. And Happy Easter to you too my friend!

Karen, Woot! What a treat to make a new bloggie friend! Thank you for following me and for stopping by! Happy Easter!

Nathan said...

Hola Yaya, came by for a visit and I am honored that you considered and tried one of my recipes :)yummy mushrooms sound heavenly in it, probably gave it a more comforting rustic feel.

You know I made a version in which I threw a bunch of fresh aromatic herbs to it along with bay leaves and some sweet smoked spanish paprika, and funny thing I threw mushrooms too it was so yummy :)


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