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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well, I thought I'd follow suit and post a link to a news video out of Kansas. You'll soon see why I rave about Swagbucks! I'm already on my way to my 11th $5 gift card. Not bad since I started in late November. And that's only because I'm taking it slow. Some people who really work at getting referrals, codes, searches, make more than $100 a month. The way referrals work, if for example you sign up using my link, the first 100 swagbucks you earn ONLY in doing searches will also be awarded to me. But not anything you earn in codes, or any of the other ways you can earn swagbucks. Only in the searches. So if you earn 1 swagbuck for searching for example.....blogger....I will also get a swagbuck. After those 100 swagbucks, it would stop matching them for me. So that means in order for me to really earn ALOT of swagbucks, I would have to keep getting referrals sign up under me. A lot of people are very successful in getting their friends and family to sign up, but since a lot of people erronously think it's a scam it's not easy to have people sign up. But as evidenced by the video above, Swagbucks is slowly gaining recognition and momentum as the premier digital dollar site.

Another thing I'd also thought I'd explain is why I keep mentioning gift cards. When you start accumulating your swagbucks, you can just keep on adding to them. And you have the option of buying things from the site's store, which has a huge selection of items you might want in exchange for your swagbucks. So in essence you're buying things for free. But the more popular way is to buy Amazon gift cards. You can buy $5, $25, or $50 gift cards with your swagbucks. Once they're posted to your account, you then go over to the Amazon web site and input your gift card codes, and the money then shows up on your Amazon account available to you to buy anything you want there! Free money! Other people want actual money, so they instead buy Pay Pal gift cards which of course are real actual money you can deposit to your bank account. Pay Pal gift cards however cost quite a bit more than Amazon cards though. So you would need to spend more of your Swagbucks to buy one.
As of this past February 25, Swagbucks implemented a change in the Swagbucks value system. Now 1 swagbuck is actually worth 10. It's pretty much the same thing as before, only now a gift card that used to cost 45 swagbucks now costs 450. But by the same token when you earn on searches, you earn 10, 20, 30 or even more swagbucks instead of 1, 2, or 3. The really great thing now is that the site is posting more codes which means more opportunities to win swagbucks. It has really improved its whole operation as a whole.

Hope you look into it. Remember, the basic gist of the matter is that now you'll be rewarded for using a search engine, when you search for things online. Whereas before when you made searches you got absolutely nothing in the way of 'buying' power. With Swagbucks, you can certainly 'buy' a lot of things! Another thing to keep in mind, every time you do a search or click on ads, someone out there is making money. There are several companies which indeed do make money through your searches. Isn't it time you also got rewarded?

One last note, I realize I've already made other posts about this website. I know perhaps some are thinking that it's getting tiring or annoying, or that I'm trying to sell you another 'scammy' moneymaking idea. I realized this on a personal level when I told a relative about it, and she proceeded to tell me about her Son who was trying to earn comissions from selling a product, thereby hinting that perhaps I should sign up with him, and she might look into signing up with Swagbucks. I absolutely have to say this: THIS ISN'T ABOUT PROFIT FOR ME!  I am only sharing this because I consider it something that can be a blessing for you! The most I can expect to earn if you sign up with me is roughly $10. I'm not going to compromise my credibility for that amount of money or any amount! I share this because I wish I had known about this long ago. I share this because I know money is tight right now, and if I know of a way you can help your budget, I want you to also be in on it. It's not anything illegal or questionable, so I know I can tell you about this with a clear conscience. It's not going to earn you a 'paycheck' true, but it's that little extra 'rainy day' or 'egg money' you can have stashed aside. Now I can get off my soapbox.....
Until next time have a wonderful week!


Gloria said...

Have you spent your swagbucks money yet? If so, what did you buy? I don't know if I could do searches like that, I think it would take a lot of time. I know what you are talking about because I heard of them before and went to their site and then realized it's a search site. I wish you luck and lots of swagbucks. Go get em gir.!!

YayaOrchid said...

Thanks Gloria! I'm saving them in my Amazon account. Hope I have enough for some nice Christmas shopping. :)

We're having a gorgeous day over here! How's it going in your neck of the woods?

Gloria said...

Hi yaya. It is very cold and there is rain and we are expecting a storm with thunder. Woo Hoo. I've d/l Renee's picture from her blog and have been trying to paint her beautiful face but I am having problems. I just won't surface. How are you doing? Hardly ever blog together anymore. I hope your are having fun doing that swag thing. I tried and I like their search engine. It's Microsoft's search engine. Oh well have to go read some comments. take care.

john said...

I suggest is best website for online buying,selling of gift cards at cheapest price.

Gloria said...

Hi yaya. Thx for the nice comment on my blog. It's not so much the look alike thing but like you said the eyes show what they were meant to show. Thanks for that. It was just a sort of tribute. Lots of her blogger friends are making things and painting and dedicating to her and that's all I wanted to do.
You swag bucksing? Tee Hee. I was just at Amazon looking for the soap I sent you. The rose soap and they do have it. I can't find it here anymore. I may order some from them. Anyways again thanks. Have a great Friday.


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