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Sunday, March 21, 2010

IPhone and Azares

Things have been keeping me occupied for the most part. Things which require an awful lot of my time and attention- and which keep me from blogging. One of them, a very recent acquisition, is this handy little device:

Just one of my feeble attempts to try and stay somewhat up to date on technology- or at least not get left too far behind. It's also an early Anniversary gift from my Sweetie!

Turns out that IPhone is indeed a marvelous tool, but it's something that only young people can really take to like ducks to water. I've been spending too much time just trying to understand how to use it. I suppose it comes with being from a generation that grew up without these marvels of technology.
I'll get it- eventually.

In other news, we've been enjoying another rash of cool weather, with a few drops of rain which fell yesterday. Today, it was mostly windy and cold. Just a few days ago we were basking in days full of budding trees and blossoms everywhere. The air was filled with the intoxicating perfume of citrus flowers or 'azares' as they're called in Spanish. They are also a beautiful sight to behold! I wish everyone could smell these beauties! These are from our pomelo tree.

And once again, I am suffering from the yearly woes of the season- allergies. Hope this passes soon. Next time I hope to share photos of my herb garden. It's coming along very nicely.


Amy said...

Hi Yaya...last summer my guys talked me into a Blackberry. The only thing that sold me on it at the time was the great deal. Now I love it. I'm still not much of a gadget gal (unless were talking sewing or knitting :), but I'm getting better with the phone and the MP3 player I got for Christmas last year.

As for the allergies, I have high hopes that the shots I've been getting will finally kick in this fall. Until then, please pass the tissue.


Gloria said...

I actually got an email today from an Iphone. I have no idea what that is and I don't think I need one so I won't be investing in that. When you learn it good, let me know what it does. How sweet of your "sweetie" to have gotten it for you and then you have to learn it on your own. Tee Hee. I'll let you know when the seeds sprout and you have a great week. I'm going to bed now, I'm tired. take care.

Tracy said...

Good luck getting to know your new toy, YaYa! I'm not a gadget girl... Would you believe I don't even have/use a cell phone!? Shock-horror...I know--LOL! ;o)

Gloria said...

Hi yaya, how are you doing with your new gadget? Here's a link I want you to go enter the contest and tell Nicole I sent you, that way I get two chances and then you do the same by sending someone over there and you get two chances.

She's got a great blog. Or just go to my blog and click on her link on my right sidebar. Thanks amiga. Have a great day today.

Clever Karen said...

I've had an iPhone for about 8 months and love it so much! I use it for almost everything - my grocery list, maps, even for my Bible in church. I hope you can figure it out soon and go download some fun apps!


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