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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Of Links and Recipes

I need to go to Kmart or Walmart tomorrow to try and find a nice large glass container for a biscuit mix I'll be preparing using Diane's recipe over at Tomato Soup Cake. It is her glass jar precisely which sets me off on a hunt. I remember Target used to have some almost exactly like hers. The last few times I went I searched for them but they no longer carry them. If not, I may just buy a gallon sized one similar to those used by Martha Stewart for her flours.

Diane posted so many delicious variations of her recipe on her post. It should be a very frugal way to always have some mix on hand. I love her description of how she whips up some biscuits when company shows up unexpectedly. Sweetie and I like to toast our biscuits in our little toaster oven, then spread butter and jam or honey. Great snack when he stops by in the evenings to have coffee with me during his tour of duty. Really hits the spot! So making my own from scratch would be really nice.

It's one of those things that gets in my head and I have to act on it or it will be like a thousand other recipes and ideas I find along the way always meaning to someday make. This one sounds like a keeper! Another thing I really want to try my hand at is cheese making. Suzanne from Chickens in the Road has a treasure trove of wonderful recipes, and she recently made cheddar cheese. Her latest venture was a foray into making lard! What a post! I always thought lard was bad for you. But I've begun to have a sneaking suspicion it's all in the marketing ploys of the food industry which really control our shopping habits. I'm just really grateful and I love how these women share such wonderful recipes with their readers. Head over there and pay them a visit, you're sure to find a recipe you like!

Wish me luck finding that handsome glass jar! Maybe next post I can share one of my recipes!


Gloria said...

Hi yaya. I have a lot of those glass container jars. I used them in my pantry. I have the big ones, the smaller size one and even the 4 cup ones. I bought them at Walmart a couple years back. Enjoy your Tomato Soup Cake. Sounds good.Have a great Wednesday.

Tufa Girl said...

I didn't know you guys still had a KMart! I will have to come visit!

Sometimes you can find the glass jars at The Container Store - next time you are in SA. I sometimes look at thrift stores.

Persuaded said...

Hey there miss yaya! Well, I got the particular jar shown in the photo at a thrift store, it may interest you to know that I have a whole bevy of almost identical jars that I purchased at Walmart.. yes Walmart! The only difference is that the lids of the new jars are not green but a silvery sort of color. I have had some success with painting them though-- just make sure you sand them first! (I actually wrote about these jars on my blog- I think the post title was "so faux" if you're interested.) Thanks so much for linking to me dear♥

Georgina said...

Morning Yaya,

I love your yaya, that was the name my youngest called my daughter when he was little, so it's a very special name. Just wanted to drop by and say hello. Have missed my all my wonderful blogging friends and when time allows, I try to visit my lovlies.

Have a wonderful week and look forward to reading more.


Renee said...

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful links! Hope you're having a great week.

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Idalia!

I love glass jars!:o) I use them all over the house, even in the craft room to store my tools and such. It makes it so easy to get what I need, I can see everything.:o)

Thank you so much for the links. By the way, are my comments showing on your wall on FB as yet. I am still trying to figure how how to use all the features.:o)

Enjoy a lovely day my friend.



YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Gloria! Tomato Soup Cake is the name of her blog. But I hope you give her biscuit recipe a try! I'll have to check Walmart then too! Thanks!

TufaGirla, yes and I believe it's a Superstore. It's right off I35 just south of the Mall.

Diane, I'll have to check Walmart, but I'm hopint they'll have those pretty green lids like yours. It was my pleasure sharing your wonderful recipes!

Hi, Georginna! Thankyou so much for visiting! Would you believe my family actually does call me 'Yaya'? But not my Sweetie. He calls me 'tweetie bird'. I also call him that. LOL!

Hi, Renee! Wishing you a wonderful week also! Love having you stop by!

Beverly, I love the way your studio looks, from the little glimpses I've seen on your blog.
I received the lovely greeting you sent me on FB. I also sent you one. But there's still a ton of stuff I don't know about FB. Like 'tagging'. What in the world is that? Oh well....eventually i'll learn all that. :) Have a great day!! (((Hugs))))


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