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Monday, March 15, 2010

Recipe for Sweet Tamales

Seeing as how I'm on a short hiatus from Swagbucks right now because in my zeal to search last night, I pressed the 'enter' button a bit too long and it was read by the site as being multiple and too quick and successive searches, ie, also called 'oversearching'. So I got the infamous 'rules' page, which is basically a little warning to lay off on the searches or risk being deactivated. So what is a girl to do when she can't be using her favorite search engine? Why Blog of course silly!

And seeing as how I've also made a new blogging buddy, who happened to ask for my recipe for sweet tamales, why that just gave me the perfect topic to post about. Nathan, this is for you! Sorry, no pictures of the finished product. Next time I make them I will be sure to take lots of photos.

Authentic Mexican Sweet Tamales

Tea for Dough

1 ½ c water

2-3 cinnamon sticks (small)

3-4 cloves

¼ tsp anise seeds

2 cones of piloncillo (dark brown sugar)

Dash of cardamom (optional)


1 pkg each of dried fruits (cherries, cranberries)

½ box of dark raisins

½ box of golden raisins

1 pkg (10-12 oz) pecan pieces (or more to taste)

1 pkg of coconut

1 can sweetened condensed milk

Rum or brandy to cover the dried fruits in bowl


5 lbs. of corn masa fresh from tortilleria(Molino)

1 lb box of lard

1 tsp salt

2 tsp baking powder

1 cup mixed of raisins and dried fruit

Corn husks (about 2 pkgs)

Note: Tea and filling may be prepared up to a week in advance (stored in fridge) if desired. This makes for less work on the day you prepare the tamales.

For Tea: combine all ingredients and simmer until piloncillo melts. Strain liquid when cooled and store covered in fridge.

For Filling: combine all ingredients in a bowl, cover and store in fridge.

For Dough:

I- When ready to make tamales, thoroughly clean and rinse husks. Soak in hot water for at least 20 minutes to soften. Drain, set aside.

II- Slowly melt lard over low heat, just until melted. In mixing bowl place masa, salt and baking powder. Using batter attachment, mix, and slowly add some of the tea to mix the dough until fluffy. Add fruit and the rest of the tea and mix well, stopping mixer in between additions. Slowly add melted lard and mix gently. Continue to add the lard until dough has a very soft consistency, but is spreadable. Stop mixer and place your prepared dough in a container so you can proceed to the next step. I usually place it in a disposable aluminum roasting pan. It makes for a comfortable height to dip into for spreading. Also a snap to clean up when finished! I just discard as it will be very greasy!

III- Using a tablespoon or a serving spoon, spread dough onto the wide part of the corn husk. You can spread a few at a time, and then fill, or if you have someone to help you, one person can spread the dough onto the husks, and the other places the filling and folds the tamal. To fill, place about a heaping tsp of filling (or more to taste) in center of dough. Fold one side of husk over the filling and then the other side of husk over the first side, then the tapered end down over the middle and lay down in layers. When all the dough has been used up, or you run out of filling (hopefully both at the same time) place your tamales in a steamer, arranging them in a vertical position. Cover with additional husks and a dish towel. Pour a kettle and a half of water and steam for about 1 ½ hours, or longer if necessary. Tamales are ready when the dough easily separates from the husk. Enjoy!

Makes about 8-9 dozen tamales

Note: Since we've got the flavors of coconut and rum going on, if you wanted you could also add some chopped pineapple to either the dough or the filling for a pina colada taste! I'm also thinking that if you should have leftover filling, you could use it for one of those fruit cookie bar recipes.


MICHELL said...

Are you kidding me?? YUMMY!! That just makes my mouth water:) I'm gonna try these soon..very soon

Tufa Girl said...

Yum Oh! as Rachel Ray would say. Yaya you need to start a food blog page.

YayaOrchid said...

Michell, go for it! It's also great that you've got a lot of girlfriends....make it a tamale making party!

TufaGirl, thank you! I have little phases where all I post are recipes. Then sewing or crafting. Thanks!

Nathan said...

Thank you so much for posting these. I will tell you when I make this. My mother loves anything made with corn masa so it's bound to be a hit.

What draws me the most to the recipe is the "tea" for the masa, those spices sound wonderful :)

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Idalia!

Hope your week is going beautiful!! I am so enjoying all these wonderful recipes, yummy!:o)

My honey loves tamales! We have a favorite place not to far away where we sometimes treat ourselves to good homemade tamales.:o) Thank you for this wonderful recipe, and think I will give it a try.:o)

How long do you have to wait before you can get back on Swaybucks? I hope not too long.:o) Take care my friend and enjoy a lovely rest of the week.



YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Beverly! It was just a 24 hour 'time out' they forced on me, LOL! I was a bad little girl, LOL!
I'm just trying to be more cautious now.

Hope you have a wonderful week too Beverly!

Gloria said...

Hi yaya. How are you? Those sweet tamales sound delish. I haven't made them in a long time. Right now though, I have a yen for tamales with chile and cheese. I'm thinking about that if nothing comes up where I have to rush back to SJ. Sounds like you have a lot of fun doing your searches. Take care and thx for sharing the recipe.

YayaOrchid said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Gloria! I'm afraid I've been away from the blog for a while. I'll have to try and go make my own rounds to visit blogs.


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