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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Samples and Saving Money

I found this great website, It's All Free Online, which has links to various freebies you can send off for. The site also has a Facebook page where you are more likely to find all the newest offers daily. I think it's a great way to sample products before you buy them. It's also a great way to stretch those budget dollars. Aren't we all looking for ways to save a little money? This is just a small sampling of the items I've received thus far:

It's so nice to receive a package in the mail every day!

The fact is there are actually several sites that offer similar promotions. Some sites are nice to sign up for if you like to clip coupons. I usually clip coupons from the Sunday flyers in our newspaper. I don't want to have to use up our printer ink to print out coupons. For our printer at least, ink cartidges are very expensive. Although now there are some really nifty IPhone apps that allow you to have the cashier just scan the coupons off your phone. Neat! I haven't tried that yet, although I believe I do have an app for that.

It just takes a few minutes to fill out the forms for these samples. I hope the links are useful to others as they've been for me.


Persuaded said...

Well now, isn't that cool! I'm going to have to give that site a try... thanks for sharing☺

David said...

I also know about one website where you can get knowledge about money saving tips

Keri said...

That is a great idea! I'm going to try it!

And isn't there an app for everything? ;) I like the free ones best!

Amy said...

Hi Yaya.....someday soon I'm going to try this. How have you been? I'm not on the computer much these days, but I always like to stop by here.


YayaOrchid said...

Diane, so glad you stopped by! It is a very nice site Diane!

David, there are so many sites wish I could list all the helpful ones.

Kerri, at this point, I have only d/l free apps! You're right, there's an app for everything! LOL!

Hi, Amy! It sure is nice to hear from you! The freebies site just requires a few minutes of time filling out forms for the items you're interested in. Before you know, every day you get something in the mail!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Idalia!

Wow look at all these great stuff you got and for free! This is wonderful! As you said, you can try products before purchasing and save money too. I certainly like that idea!:o)

You and your family enjoy a most beautiful weekend.



YayaOrchid said...

Beverly, wishing you a wonderful weekend also! Thank you for stopping by.

Gloria said...

Yaya, hi. Are you okay? Haven't read a post from you in quite some time and I wondered if all was okay? Are you still learning your new electronic products? I just got a Wii console and the Wii Fit Plus, but haven't hooked up yet. Hope all is okay. Bev is taking a break too. Take care. email and let me know if all is okay.

YayaOrchid said...

Gloria, so good to hear from you. Sorry, I know I've neglected my blog. I'll try to make some time to post again soon.

Gloria said...

Oh good! Glad to hear everything is okay. You must be really busy there amiga. I know I have to been busy. Sure is good to know all is okay. Take care and we'll see you when you are back.

Matthew said...

thanks for the mention! :)



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