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Saturday, August 28, 2010

And Then There Were Seven

I have wonderful memories of the Saturday just before my surgery. That day, we had planned on leaving quite early for a little getaway with all the family to Corpus Christi. However, since my surgery was on Monday, I had to get the last batch of necessary lab work done no later than 48 hours prior to the surgery, so there was no way I could have gotten it done in the preceding days. So around 7am I went to the hospital to get that done and out of the way. Then off to the beach we went!

Funny and wonderful how our little family has increased. First the two of us with our two boys, then a beautiful daughter-in-law, and now two adorable little boys who fill us with joy. My eldest Son and his family had rented a room at a hotel/resort right next to the beach, so we just drove up and met with them.

It was a beautiful day, albeit hot, with a brilliant blue sky and only a few soft puffy clouds visible beyond the horizon. A perfect day for being at the beach, and our first real getaway with our youngest Son in quite a while.

It wasn't easy to keep from thinking about the upcoming ordeal that I knew would not be easy. It wasn't easy to shoo away the thoughts of my mortality, wondering if I would ever have sweet moments like this with my family again. It wasn't easy at all. But then I would see the faces of my loved ones, and I knew then, that no matter what lay ahead, this made it all worth it.

So I decided, right then and there, no drama, no tears, no sadness. Just live the moment and enjoy the blessings.

Notwithstanding, the trip did not erase the questions which have plagued me for years. There will always be moments in time when everyone asks why things have to be the way they are. For me it was why couldn't I have a normal weight with a normal physique? Moments where you wonder how in the world did I get myself into this mess? As an obese person, you ask and you wonder how food ever became such an issue and of so much importance in your life. You look at people and you wonder how is it that they are able to maintain a normal body without the constant cravings that you try every day to fight off. Is it genetic? I am the only 'fat' person in my whole family. I heard once that my biological Father's Mother was a large woman. Well, I'm petite, but the pounds really show on my small frame. Is it the environment of poor quality foods which are so abundant and more affordable than healthy food?

And so I'm off to try a new chapter in my life; a chapter full of hope for attaining a normal weight. The sun never sets on my hopes. They are always full of faith and knowledge that whatever the final outcome of this whole journey, it is in God's hands.

And I will work very hard to reach my goals. Because so much is riding on this.


Sue said...

YaYa, no matter your appearance, you will always be a beautiful person. Best of luck in your journey to better health.

Anonymous said...

Idalia I'm thinking of you and holding you close in my heart.

YayaOrchid said...

Sue, your words brought me to tears. Thank you for understanding.

Anonymous, your words are very comforting, Thank you!

Mrs. A said...

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Kari said...

Hi! I am a new follower from the Mom Blogger's Club. I hope you can stop by and visit my blog.

Have a great day!

And then there was Anna... said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, I am following you right back from MBC.
Great post! I'm teary eyed right now. I understand all too well the battles one has with themselves regarding their weight.

YayaOrchid said...

Anna, thank you! Look forward to becoming your bloggie friend!

Pink Diva said...

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Johanna said...

Love your blog, and thank you for stopping by. : )

Johanna said...

Love your blog, and thanks for stopping by : )


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