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Friday, August 6, 2010

Ode To My Abuelita

"You want to come to the beach with me Grandma?"

What is an Abuelita? She is that old woman who bears gifts and treats when you see her, whose eyes are always twinkling with love, and whose gray hair shines like spun silver. She is that solid tree under whose shelter you run when Mommy and Daddy sound too stern to bear. You know she can never say no to your requests. And you cry with so much sadness when you say goodbye after a long or even a very short visit. She is the reason you always pray to God that she will be around for many, many years- at least until you're all grown up, so the pain won't be so great when the final goodbye must be said. You know she has walked many a mile in the scorching heat to bring you the best ice cream she can afford. She always had coins in her pocket for your afternoon snack- those tasty tostadas or mango or cucumber on a skewer, all liberally sprinkled with lime juice and chile powder. And during those long ago dog days of Summer, you could always count on her for a refreshing and icy cold paleta or raspa- meaning popsicle or snow cone. She would set up the washtub and fill it with water, your favorite  bath in the world, just so you could jump in for a cooling dunk on those hot days. And during the Winter, she would bundle you up, and make sure there was plenty of wood or coals in the fire to keep you warm.

Fast forward fifty years later. Here I am with two precious Grandbabies of my own. I so want to be just like my Abuelita. And you know what? I think I'm getting there. Now that they've begun to talk, I am relishing every moment I am able to spend with them. The sweetest word to an Abuelita's ears? Grandma! My little munchkins are not bilingual just yet, so they're only able to speak English, but I like the word Grandma so very much! The word Abuelita may have to be learned a little later. The word Grandpa also thrills me beyond words! What is it about these two little human beings that they are able to wrap my heart around their little fingers? When I was growing up I always heard that you love your Grandchildren more than your own children. In my youthful ignorance, I could not understand that. The fact is, you love them just as much as your own, only now there is a sweetness so undescribable in the love you feel. I think it's the aftertaste of wisdom. A wisdom which tells you that they won't always be little and helpless. That soon they will be fledglings- testing their wings and their limits. That time is short and fleeting. And that there is but just enough time to pass on as much love and kindness and goodness that you possibly can. Life gives enough of the other things, Your station and your calling and your duty is to pass on those things which you hope will impact their lives in a positive way. Their parents will too of course, but they have so much responsibility and weight to bear, that sometimes along the way, it's easy to lose track of those things which matter most. It's the same for ALL parents. As Grandparents, I just want us to add even more good things to their lives- a sort of complement and enhancement. I want to do what my Abuelita did. She provided so many wonderful memories, and they did serve a very useful purpose. They helped to soften the blows of life. Through all the difficult times, her love and the memories of her kindness confirmed in me that there really are good people, that God really does love me, and that I came from good stock. A good genetic pool. Oh, maybe not poets or scientists or playwrights- but people with a good heart. I do believe that is what God wants of us, among other things. And I want Elias and Owen to always know that. Already Elias has shown he too has a good heart. He did call me on the phone to tell me "I'm feeling much better Grandma. You want to come to the beach with us?" Not many adults will take the time to let their Parents know they are feeling better when they've been sick so they won't worry. But my precious little three year old nietecito did.


Georgina said...

What a sweet blog today, Yaya. I too am an Abuelita, actually, I'm "Meema." My babies live 600 miles away and it's so hard for me that they're not closer, but that' our world now...everybody is so transient these days, including my own children.

My maternal grandparents were my favs, "Pachito y Machita." My grandfather was very serious, but had a heart of gold, however, my grandmother was a nut and she had her very funny ways about her. I loved going over to Juarez and spend the night with them so I could sleep in the "bird" room. She had lots of birds and they slept in this one room every night...we had to go all over the house and garden to bring the cages into this room every evening. The next morning, Id go with her to the mercado, where everyone knew her...she loved people. Wonderful memories of eating sandia in the garden, feeding her alligator (yes, she had a 'gator till it got too big, then she gave it to someone else who I think made a pair of shoes and ate the meat..don't really remember!! LOL), taking puffs of my grandfather's Cubans, looking for Chicklets in his pockets...just so many memories to mention.

Being a grandmother is one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had, so I know how you feel when you speak of yours.


Georgina said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm of Mexican/Spanish decent. My maternal side of the family were a combo of Mexican and Spanish/Basque. My great(to the 3rd power..LOL) was an Irish Jew!! So I've got the sense of humour and guilt down pat!!! She met my great (again, 3rd power) in Paris while he was traveling with a Spanish actors group and married there, and from there the acting group went to Mexico where their son, who was born in Barcelona, married my great (to the 2nd power)mother. My grandmother came from an extremely colourful family, as you can well imagine coming from an acting family, and they knew how to get a crowd!! My grandfather smoked Cubans since Cuba and Mexico have no trade restrictions so he would get his Cubans in Juarez where they lived. However, it's illegal to bring them over, but he did and no one ever stopped him or said anything...I suspected they were never searched when they entered the U.S. since they were obviously an older couple, in a black Cadillac with a driver!! LOL

All of us sibs are fair complected except my brother, Fred. He takes after the maternal grandfather's side...mucho Indio in that fam. As for my Dad's side, he claimed they all came from Spain, but who knows, no one is around to get that side of history anymore. He really didn't know himself since his mother was raised by her older sister and was married off to his father when she was mere 15 years old...later my great-grand father left her with 4 that's a whole other story!!

Anyway, there you have familia as I know it. Have a wonderful week and yes, I shall return soon, but still have many little dragons to slay...already caught the rats!! LOL


Veronica Lee said...

Beautiful blog.

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your site.
Have a nice day!

Leslie Limon said...

What a sweet post! It reminds me of my abuelitos, who raised me. :)

Following from Mama's Little Nestwork.

Karli said...

Oh my goodness, your grandson is beautiful! You must have such sweet times together! :-) Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog too! I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II, and before I upgraded, I used the Canon Rebel XSI. I love both cameras! I was overwhelmed by all the encouragement - thank you so much! :-)

sammysgrammy said...

I'm following up on the blog links from etsy's virtual lab on blogging. Yours has brought me to tears. Of course, you've made me a "follower". I too am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and a grammy. Even latina of sorts (Italian-American). I'm looking forward to many happy, poignant posts here.

I don't have a blog yet. This has been all about getting pointers for me.


tea time and roses said...

Hello Idalia!!

I was certainly overjoyed when seeing your sweet comments today my friend!

What a lovely post, simply delightful and most beautiful. While reading I could not help but think of all the loving caring and giving women in my life. Many are gone but left me with so many beautiful memories. My precious Mother, Grandmother, and the lady we called granny just to name a few. All so full of wisdom, kindness with teachings I often reach back for. Just yesterday my little grandson gave me kisses through the telephone, it was the sweetest thing ever and certainly made this grandma smile. Truly there are few experiences as that of being Grandma:o)

You and the family continue to enjoy a lovely summer.



Mary C said...

Just found your blog a short while ago and, being a "grammy" myself, I saved it to read more. I'm glad I did because your post brings to mind not only my own grandmother but reminds me of the gift grandparents are to children. My favorite saying about that is: "Grandparents sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children."
I am lucky enough to live with my daughter, her husband, my adorable grandson, and a couple of other relatives (I live in Mexico after all.) Trying to sprinkle a little stardust every day....

Rachel Cotterill said...

That's very sweet. I love reading your descriptions :)

Mama Hen said...

What a sweet blog post! My daughter loves my mom and she calls her Omi (German for grandmom). I lived in Mexico for two years and knew some abuelitas and they were the sweetest people ever! Yes, the job of a grandmother is to have treats and do fun things. What a blessing! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Adrienne said...

Well, isn't this just the perfect follow up read to my post about my grandma! I hope I am going to be an abuelita someday! :) I'm following!


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