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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tilapia For Dinner

A simple and easy dinner meal using one of the recipes from the Mad Hungry cookbook.

I chose the Italian fries with herbs and romano cheese. I used a mix of parmesan and romano cheese. My little one loves these potatoes, so I made them just for him. The main entree was tilapia filets, dredged in just a little bit of seasoned flour, then sauteed in a tablespoon of oil, then finished off in the oven. It's my system to keep the house from smelling of smoke from fried fish. Rounded out the meal with some steamed veggies. Simple but good.

I also prepared some striped Pangasius, which is quite similar to tilapia in taste and texture. I wanted to try it
because the fish lady at the supermarket highly recommended it. I had some hesitation about it because I understand that it's farm raised in Asia, like tilapia. My concern stems from the way many of those fish farms raise fish.... not like they would be in an American fish farm setting. There's always the fear of lax quality controls. But it is cheaper compared to fish such as salmon. I just don't care for the taste of salmon, though I've tried to 'like' it. I can't get past the very strong fishy smell and taste. But tilapia and pangasius are so sweet and mild....and inexpensive.....

Spaghetti and marinara sauce with Italian sausage and ciabatta bread is on the menu for tomorrow. I don't think I'll be posting about that though. Hopefully my next post can be about a sewing or knitting project. I'm ever hopeful.


Georgina said...

I love tilapia. I'm extremely allergic to ocean fish, unfortunately...miss red snapper and orange roughy! I was one of those strange Catholic kids who looked forward to Fridays!! LOL

I prepare my tilapia using Panko. I dredge it in a bit of egg, then roll in Panko and use the same technique using the small amount of oil in a pan.

Also, have you ever heard of basa? My daughter told me she uses it it her fish tacos (I've yet to come to terms of eating fish rolled up in a tortilla hecho de maize)but she said it's delish. It's a very clean, mild tasting fish and is in the catfish family.

Your Italian dinner sounds wonderful. I made spaghetti sauce last week and froze a few bags...they're lying on my menudo bags!!

Have a great weekend.


YayaOrchid said...

Georgina, I think while reading up on the pangasius I learned that it's also called basa. It goes by several names, and yes it is a type of catfish. I love fish tacos in corn tortillas! Of course, now I can't really eat tortillas anymore- just a couple of bites, cause it causes me discomfort going down.

Gloria said...

I just bought talapia a few days ago. I've been getting rid of "red" meat that's still in the freezer. Your dinner looks great. Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend.


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