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Monday, February 7, 2011

My Pride and Prejudice Book Review (Brief)

photo from the 1995 film version of "Pride and Prejudice"

Although written during the Regency period in England, such a long time ago, this novel speaks volumes about so many timeless elements in human nature. Written in a very clever and witty style by Jane Austen.

The author's writings reflect the times that she lived in. Born in 1775, her early death in 1817 ended what would have been a brilliant career. As her novels show, some things never change, such as the way women and families orchestrate the delicate ‘finding a mate’ dance. And certain biases or ‘prejudices’ are also timeless.

This book made me fall in love completely with all the author’s writings; another favorite being "Sense and Sensibility". Most of her books have a recurring theme of social class being of great importance when selecting a potential mate.

I completely recommend this book and in fact all the author’s novels. I can almost guarantee you will also become a fan of her writing!

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