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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pretzel Time!

~Note: The step by step on doing the baking soda boil can be read at this blog link.~

We have enjoyed some fabulous cool weather the last couple of days. Really wonderful when heat is the norm. And the coolness brings out the baker in me. I found a really simple recipe for pretzels in the King Arthur website which enables me to make use of my sourdough starter. Baking with sourdough is a very good thing!

And without further ado, these pictures show my progress,  only wish I could share the wonderful aroma that fills the house while they bake!

A quick boil in a solution of baking soda and water brought to a boil is a technique I read from one of the commenters on the KAF thread.

Ready to be salted before baking

I didn't have pretzel salt, so I used coarse sea salt- need to find out what the difference is.

Baked and ready to eat. Good stuff!

Hope this cool weather continues. This cool baking weather!


Michell @ Girl In Air said...

Ok....I lied! I couldn't resist! What an easy recipe....I can't what to try it!

YayaOrchid said...

It IS easy, Michell. For the direction to the baking soda boil, read this:

Georgina said...

I love homemade pretzels!! Am going to hit that link to your recipe and try it out. Unfortunately, I can't have sour allergic to the molds it produces...bother!! Something about it makes me terribly sick, but am going to check it out. They turned out gorgeous!


tea time and roses said...

Hello Idalia,

I love homemade pretzels with a little dab of mustard, delicious! It is indeed quite an easy recipe and will have to try it soon.:o)

Happy weekend to you!



YayaOrchid said...

Georginna, how odd about the sourdough allergy you have. Usually sourdough is considered healthier than regular yeasted breads. But I know you can make pretzels with just regular flour and commercial yeast. Just as good I'm surel :)

Beverly, that's what I did and you're right, mustard with a warm pretzel is just heavely! :)

Elaine said...

Got tp try these before our weather warms up too much more. Christopher is gonna love that I'm making homemade pretzels. ;)

YayaOrchid said...

Elaine, your house will smell so good! That is the extra perk you get when baking, LOL!

maría cecilia said...

Hola Yaya, què bien que tu cocinera interior aparezca con los días frios... cómo me gustaría saber que yo también la tengo pero la verdad arranco de la cocina!!!
muchos cariños

YayaOrchid said...

maria cecilia, hay veces que tenemos que escoger: o el jardin o la cocina. En tu caso tu trabajo en tu jardin es igual de valioso como el de cocinar Amiga! :)

maría cecilia said...

Linda Yaya, gracias por apreciar mi jardinería. Vine a saludarte y a dejarte mis cariños, que tengas días llenos de amor!!!!


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