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Friday, July 29, 2011

Venetian Recipes For My New Pots

I finally cooked something today on my nifty new pots. I made a wonderful meal of braised pork ribs, cut into individual pieces, flavored with fresh rosemary, sage and garlic. A side of creamy risotto with mushrooms and shrimp and a side of simple sauteed spinach with garlic in extra virgin olive oil. I used recipes featured on PBS' "Adventures With Ruth" series from Gourmet magazine fame. Fortunately, the videos are online, and I was able to find them by searching for the Gourmet magazine website. The video includes a couple of additional recipes, even one for duck, but I only used the one for the pork ribs and the risotto. Fast forward on the video to about 11:50 for the section on the pork ribs. The segment on the risotto starts at around 17:37. Right before that is a segment on making a really flavorful shrimp stock which can be used for the risotto, but I just used chicken stock and wine for the liquid, as well as cream at the end, like the video shows. It's very simple, and the risotto turns out very creamy and delicious. The pork ribs were divine! Meat falling off the bone is a good thing!

Turns out my two new pots were just the right size for these dishes. How great is that? I am thrilled with my pots! I just tried unsuccessfully to embed the video but somehow it just wouldn't load. I'm afraid I can only include the link to Enrica Rocca's Venice. Enjoy!


Gloria said...

I just watched Enrica rocca's Venice and for half hour I was there in Venice with them. Oh wow, did I get hungry. I love the show on PBS but I always miss it. I don't think it's on over here presently. Perhaps in the new season. I feel rejuvenated. Thanks for sharing.

YayaOrchid said...

Thanks for stopping by Gloria. I want to see the one about cooking in Mexico, on the same Gourmet site. PBS has the best shows!

Elaine said...

I am really going to have to check this out...sounds so good. Three of my granddaughters have been spending a few days with me before school starts so I haven't been online as much as usual....can't wait to follow up on this. I've heard of "Adventures with Ruth" but haven't actually watched it. Thanks for the tip. :)

YayaOrchid said...

Hi Elaine! Glad you get to spend some time with your Grandaughters before school starts. I'm sure they'll relish their time with you.

I think you'll enjoy the cooking videos. All of them are good!

nirankar said...

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tea time and roses said...

Hello Idalia,

This sounds wonderful, and don't you just love a new set of pots!:o) I must visit this sight for sure!

Happy week to you and your family!



YayaOrchid said...

Thanks Beverly! I appreciate your visit. wishing you a wonderful week also!

whatpigseat said...

wow this pork ribs make me hungry...jajaja thanks for this post i realy enjoy it.regards


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